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Christine_Human Nature

Inspiring mumpreneurs: Christine Buyco of Human Nature Singapore

I'm really pleased to have Christine, founder of Human Nature Singapore, share her inspiring mumpreneur story with us. Christine was one of the first few mumpreneurs whom I connected with in the early days of this blog. She sent me a box of products including the kids' natural shampoo and baby wash, and hand sanitizer, and I've been a loyal customer and fan of her products since then! Read on to hear her story of how she transformed passion and opportunity into a socially-responsible and thriving business... 1. What gave you the courage or motivation to start your own … [Read More...]


Made whole on her sixth birthday

We celebrated Vera's turning six with a simple party for her. There wasn't that much time to plan the decor, so we put up art canvases (bought from Spotlight) decorated with straws and ribbons to make her name. The dessert table was filled with some of her favourite things, like macarons, strawberries and rainbow kueh. The rainbow cake was from the artisan bakery from Tanglin Mall (just outside the supermarket). It's a bakery that we frequent, and I like the cake because it is light and not too sweet. A bouquet made of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. An easy and sweet idea that … [Read More...]


What happens when mummy and daddy fights

The hub was a little pissed off with me one evening. He started talking rather loudly, and was a tad fierce even. I had something to retort and it was already on my lips. But all of a sudden, Vera appeared from nowhere and slapped him on his back. She said something to the effect of "Don't talk like that" or "Don't do that." Then she waltzed off. Following her cue, JJ came along and also gave his dad a slap on the shoulders. He said, "You don't beat mummy" in his fiercest voice. (Funny how he got confused and thought daddy was beating me.) At this point, I had already forgotten what I … [Read More...]

like-a-tree 1

13 ways to love your wife on Valentine’s day

How are you planning to spend Valentine's Day? V day usually encompasses a dinner date (not on the actual day of course), and the occasional chocolates or flowers. It's quite a down-to-earth affair for us. For me, simple words of encouragement (or no. 9 on the list below) would be the best gift to relish. I hope you'll find some inspiration to love here... 1) Re-create a spa experience at home with scented candles, aromatherapy, ambient music, and facial masks. Use a simple massage oil like jojoba and help massage the knots out from her tired shoulders and back. (The only catch is, you … [Read More...]


Interview with Val of Nouri, on helping others look good

To kick off our "Inspiring Mumpreneur" series, I'm pleased to introduce Valerie De Costa, founder of Nouri Face and Body Concepts. I first got to know Val through a good friend, when I was looking around for a credible post-natal massage service provider. I learnt a lot from her regarding post-delivery care and certainly benefitted after going through some rigourous massge and weight-loss therapy with her. She's hard-working and driven, and as you'll find out, her family and children are her source of motivation and inspiration... What made you take the leap of faith to start your own … [Read More...]


Accepting my child for who he is

2015 has gotten off to a rocky start. Javier had some behavioural issues at the turn of the new year, and we've started seeing an OT to find out how to help him. The basic issue seems to be that he has low muscle tone and correspondingly higher levels of anxiety. He is also frequently temperamental. What does muscles have to do with behaviour? I was told that he compensates for the lack of control by being more controlling over others and over himself (by engaging in some repetitive behaviour like strapping and unstrapping his Velcro shoes.) Since we received that piece of … [Read More...]

Peony Jade yusheng 3

Usher in the Year of the Goat with Eight Rhapsodies of Spring at Peony Jade

We were treated to a lovely early CNY dinner at Peony Jade (Keppel Club) last week, and the Bonsai-shaped money tree yusheng was my personal favourite. It was decadently lavished with lobster, Alaskan crab claws, tuna belly, Atlantic salmon, sweet shrimp, and urchin. Lo-hei time! (PS. if you are ever at a loss as to what auspicious words to say, you should check this Nomsaurus article out. Alternatively, just shout Huat ah!) I truly could not tire of this dish. The homemade sweet sauce had a lovely citrusy taste, and the seafood was heavenly fresh! There was even a slight hint … [Read More...]


Learning to save with POSB’s National School Savings Campaign

Vera has been growing more aware of the value of money. I'm glad as it means she's starting to think whenever we spend money on an item, be it food or a toy. She asked me one day when I came back with new school shoes for her, “Mummy, how much is it?” “$29,” came my answer. Vera: “What? So expensive?” I replied and said yes it is not cheap. (I would much prefer her to learn to appreciate her things rather than dismiss it as being well affordable, and having her think we can spend as we wish.) We've taken pains to teach her about counting money, as well as about making daily … [Read More...]


CATS the musical, a different kind of animal

CATS the musical is a different animal altogether. Based on the book of poems “Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" by T.S. Eliot, the entire musical is about...cats. Cats, in all their rambunctiousness, wiles and whims, and cheeky grins. (Coricopat and Tantomile, brother and sister cats) Cats, in all their stage-spinning flamboyance. (This is Rum Tum Tugger, the bad boy cat, who specialises in erm, crotch-grabbing and gyrating hips.) Seen by over 70 million people world-wide, CATS is a song and dance spectacular not to be missed. The musical revolves around a tribe of … [Read More...]


Bintan Snapshots

So we had a crazy retreat at Bintan Lagoon Resort. 3 families comprising 6 adults and 4 kids and 2 babies. It was fun, relaxing at times, supremely tiring for the most part, but still worth it... The villa we stayed at could easily house 3 families. There were actually 4 bedrooms on the second level, so we let Vera and JJ take one room on their own. The villa is equipped with a kitchen too so you can bring your own ingredients to whip up a hot yummy breakfast. We got around by driving this cute little buggy. The villa wasn't really that far from the main recreational area so … [Read More...]