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Tibby and Duckie cover

{Review & Giveaway} Tibby and Duckie by Emily Lim – a tale of true friendship

We've been enjoying Tibby and Duckie, a heart-warming tale of friendship written by awarding-winning author Emily Lim. We first came across Emily's work in Just Teddy (affiliate link). It was our favourite bedtime story for a long long while as the kids just loved seeing poor confused Teddy try to disguise himself as other soft toy animals in a bid to belong to a group. He finally finds belonging in the form of a little girl who picks him out from among other soft toys to bring home. Tibby and Duckie carries along that same theme of friendship and identity. Unlike other ducks, Duckie … [Read More...]

Dear Josh, you are one

Dear Josh, I can't believe you are one. At this moment, there are so many thoughts in my head, including Where in the world did my baby go , day one, and other similarly nostalgic things. It's been one awesome year. Topsy-turvy, yes. But awesome no less. You sleep pretty well. You love to play with your brother and sister. You've even started to fight for your rights with them, and you're turning out to be surprisingly feistier than we all thought. You enjoy your new-found super-power - walking. Which also makes it harder to keep tabs on you. You get up to all sorts - and find … [Read More...]


On what Advent really means

What is the significance of Advent? To be honest, even after some 15-odd years of Christian-hood, I've never thought much about the season of Advent. Until we moved to an Anglican church, we barely knew about its existence! (The Anglicans are known to hold some traditions dearly, and Advent is one such big tradition.) According to Google, Advent is: the arrival of a notable person or thing. the first season of the Church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. A notable person - that would be Jesus... My church bulletin reads, "Advent … [Read More...]

Pan_Pacific_Imaginary Friends High Tea

Imaginary Friends, and a paper doily Christmas tree topper craft

It's December - I'm feeling a tad frantic, but trying to remind myself that Christmas is not a season of endless to-do lists. It's about a person whom God sent to earth to teach us what love truly is. Here's a short post on what we've been up to. As well as some crafty ideas on how to keep the kids happy during this rainy holiday season. Imaginary Friends Afternoon Tea When the weather is cold and rainy, tuck in to some comfort food. Vera and I had a date recently at Pan Pacific to savour their new Imaginary Friends afternoon tea. It features delicious creations inspired by … [Read More...]

shrink art Christmas tree decor

Shrink art Christmas tree decor!

We've been shrinky-dinking our Christmas tree! It all started with a simple play-date and then I guess the festive mood set in. ;) If you're a shrinky dink noob, it's best to experiment with a few extra pieces in the oven before putting in your real handiwork. (Saves you the heartache from seeing your precious design destroyed by too high a temperature. Recommended temperature is about 150 degree celsius.) Here are some posts for tips and how-tos: Thrifty Fun Curbly I got my opaque white shrink plastic paper (A4 size, $1.50 each) from Art Friend. The store also stocks … [Read More...]