Mad about water, and the new water playground at Tampines One

Water is a natural kid magnet. Particularly when it’s outdoors, not too deep, and easy for little people to sink their little hands into.

I recently brought Vera for a cruise down the Singapore river. She thoroughly enjoyed it, as you can see…

happy cruiserBut the real water adventure started when we got off the boat, hopped over to the Esplanade for a picnic, and when she (and good friend Leia) pounced onto this innocent looking water feature just outside the Esplanade. They pounced on it like tigers just out of the desert, whipping and splashing with everything that they got.

delight splash

It was a huge, erm, splash.

But Vera was one happy tot.

water fun

And then this week we brought both toddler and baby to the new Safari-themed water playground at the rooftop of Tampines One. It was a bigger splash. Even baby J enjoyed it.

And he also got a new mohawk hairdo, courtesy of the sister. Not sure how he feels about that though…


Here’s a glimpse of the sister in action. Future stylist perhaps?


It’s okay, baby J cheered up when he got to stand calf-deep in water with strategically placed icebergs. (Finally, a nice spot to chill.) He even started to show his approval by clapping his hands.

happy merbaby

Here’s Vera having fun at the see-saw, except she wasn’t the one going up and down. You don’t get any cushier with wildlife than this.

seesaw with animals

You don’t have to worry too much about cleaning up as the place also has toilet plus shower facilities, which I conveniently forgot to snap photos of.

If you’ve got kids who are mad about water too, maybe you should try out this water playground at Tampines One when it opens 10 March. 😉

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      Hmm, well it depends, sometimes she goes all scared when the water comes shooting at her direction. I guess she just needs to feel in control, like in this case she was the one splashing and sloshing the water all over herself. Heh…

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