The duck tour that went wahhh

So last week I managed to satisfy my curiosity about the Singapore duck tours, and got my whole family on board one of these cool amphibious vehicles. (I managed to convince the hubby because I said it would be my mother’s day gift, and also for my mum.) 😉

Singapore duck tour

We travelled a short way along from the departure point at Suntec Convention Centre, and soon reached the splash point, where our duck vehicle would roll into the Singapore River. Here’s the first duck that went in. Pretty nice dive I would say. We didn’t get wet at all.


So here we are, enjoying the sights along the river.

all on board

This is where Gardens by the Bay will be housed. I checked out their website and the pics look pretty amazing. Can’t wait till it opens.


And of course, the trusty Merlion. I wonder how many gallons of water get spewed out each day…


Everything was fine and dandy until round about halfway through, when JJ started to get cranky. Even when I fed him his favourite Gerber’s graduate puffs, he wouldn’t stop wailing. Here’s a shot of him with his mouth full of puffs, and me trying to keep my cool. Oh well, at least now we know he doesn’t like boat rides.

I must thank the tour guide, who tried to use his duckie-whistle to “quack” JJ out of his misery. But alas, JJ’s wails easily drowned out the guide’s quacks. Ah well, thumbs up for trying!

Ever since the kids came along, I’ve found new joy doing touristy stuff around town. I think I haven’t explored our own little backyard attractions since I was a little girl, and so much has changed since then. I don’t even feel embarrassed after realizing that the rest of the duck passengers were all from abroad! I guess this is one of the privileges of having kids – you tend to develop thicker skin and you don’t really bother about what other people say.

What’s your favourite touristy thing to do in Singapore? 🙂

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  1. says

    Heh heh! I love doing touristy things too! Do try out the hippo bus soon too! That was reeeeal fun for Jay and I. (Of cos after reading this, I think I may wait a month or two more before bringing my lil babe on the next trip. :P)

  2. says

    I totally agree with you! Before kids, its like SG is so boring! But when the kids came along, there’s so much more to explore in SG, haha! I guess its also because of them, we tend to become more open to explore and try out new things that we would never have done before. I’m hoping to bring my family for a Duck and Hippo tour soon! 🙂

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