Faith, hope and love

Here are my favourite photos from last weekend. I call them Faith. Hope. Love.

Last weekend, I felt like I needed a gadget that could freeze time. I watched the kids play, throw caution to the wind, let their hair down, and just lose themselves in play. I watched the hubby play alongside, chasing them, being chased by them, piggy-backing them…We played make-believe, re-enacting the scenes of our current favourite storybook, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (chinese version).

We watched as the kids romped about at the playground, lost in their own world of exploration and wonder. I looked at the man and he looked at me, and I said “Wow. So this is what life with kids is like.” “Yeah” he replied,”until they grow up that is.”

Trust him to inject a dose of realism into my reverie.

Still, I tried to focus on the present. The simple, carefree present. I tried not to fast-forward into the ever-important school days and its related stresses. I wanted to freeze time, as it is, right here and now.

It’s funny because not too long ago, I remember feeling rather overwhelmed by my weekends. But recently and rather unexpectedly, our weekends have created pockets of relaxation for us.

It might be because of JJ’s newfound freedom of legs and the resultant loss of clinginess. It might be that the brother and sister have found some formula to entertain themselves, without getting into too much trouble. Whatever the cause, I think we’re having a lot more fun now as a family than I can remember in a long while. The baby has also been sleeping better too, which is a big plus and a cause for celebration with some oomphatic chocolate cake.

So the pictures were named Faith. Hope. Love.

Partly to remind myself not to sweat the small things. Partly to remind myself that God gives grace to parents, to cope with the concerns of the here and now, and that we need not worry unduly about the future.

It’s a blessing for parents to find pockets of respite amidst our parenting duties. Pockets of joy and wonder. Pockets of delight.

When that happens, I can’t help but feel like I want to freeze time.

It’s the weekend. I’m looking forward to some swimming, and some dancing with the kids. Here’s to more Faith. Hope. Love.

For you too.

What do you enjoy most about weekends?

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    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hi Summer, thanks for dropping a note. Really encouraged to hear that…we all need to remind ourselves of these things from time to time. Thanks, am really glad you like it!

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