Let the Christmas decorations begin!

It’s a yearly tradition in our home to put up some Christmas decor around the house. We don’t usually make a huge deal out of it, and we try to keep it simple, easy, and fuss-free.

Here is the daddy tying up silver balls to the curtain railing, with curling ribbon. Men are usually better at these things…(Okay, in our house anyway!)

Of course, little boy wants to lend a hand too! Especially by helping to fish out these pretty shiny balls. We got him to be the ball-passer to daddy, and he did a pretty good job doing that!

Here is what we did to the entrance of our study-cum-play area. Similar to the balcony but with assorted decorative items like bells, stars and angels.

Personally, I think the silver beads make the place look a little too elegant, but still, it does add a festive touch to our home. Plus, the kids like to reach out and try to make a grab for the beads.

We are almost ready for Christmas – a most wonderful time of the year! I can’t believe that it’s just two weeks away!

Have you decorated your home too?Β πŸ™‚

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