Four Cow Farm baby skincare review and giveaway

The Four Cow Farm range of baby skincare products is natural, organic, and made with love.

The business was started by a midwife, mum and grandmother who wanted to make creams and balms that were as good and natural as possible for her two little grandchildren (one of whom was born with eczema).

I met Delphinia, who helps run this family business, at a Green Living workshop that she co-organised last year.

I was glad to receive some samples from her to try out recently, and here’s what I found.

1) Baby Wash – Made from 100% Olive Oil Pure Liquid Castile Soap

I’ve tried castile soap on my kids and myself before, and I found that it felt quite harsh, and left a squeaky clean feeling on the skin while washing. When I tried this, it didn’t have the same harsh squeaky feel, but it did still serve its cleaning purpose, and left the kids’ hair and skin feeling soft and clean after.

PS. While I did miss some form of fragrance associated with baby baths and washes, I’m also aware that most fragrances usually contain various chemicals, so it’s a trade-off I would willingly accept.

Verdict: 7.5/10

2) Baby Lotion – Made from a blend of sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, natural preservatives, and olive-derived emulsifier

I actually tried this on myself because I don’t feel the need to moisturise the kids’ skin all that much, as they don’t have dry skin problems. I really like the texture and the light almond smell.

Verdict: 8/10

3) Tea Tree RemedyMade from a blend of macadamia & castor oils, infused with organic tea tree oil (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal). Great for bites, scrapes, rashes, cuts and bruises.

I love love love this product. We used it a lot for JJ as he’s prone to loose stools after consuming certain foods with dairy, which then leads to bad, red nappy rash. After one or two generous applications of this tea tree balm on his bum, I found that it effectively reduced the redness.

Verdict: 9/10

4) Calendula Remedy Made from 80% organic calendula-infused olive oil. Good for soothing eczema and dry skin. Ideal as a nipple balm too.

I tried this out on myself the day I had an outbreak of hives. The cream helped to soothe and control the itch, and my hives went away after about two days. I also used this whenever the kids complained of any itches or bites, and it seemed to make them happy.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Common skin ailments in children can be a rather stressful affair for parents. Here’s an encouraging word from Delphinia for parents with kids with eczema problems:

I think the most important thing for parents dealing with eczema to remember is that it’s not their fault! It’s very easy to feel guilty, especially when there’s very little understanding of what atopic eczema really is amongst others, and you are often made to feel like a bad parent if you are not seen to be “fixing” it quickly. It’s so important to remember that there is no quick fix! So be patient and understanding, not just with your little one, but also with yourself!

5) Nappy Cream – Gentlest daily-use protective cream made with sunflower seed oil & castor oil

I used this after JJ’s bath, just to protect his most sensitive areas. No complaints, just that the texture of this cream is thick and luscious, so it doesn’t squeeze out from the tall-ish bottle that easily. One solution is to just set the bottle upside down so the cream is always near the opening.

Verdict: 7.5/10

6) Baby Oil – A rich & nourishing blend of top quality oils such as macadamia, and sweet almond

As I don’t really use baby oil regularly, I asked Delphinia if she had any ideas for alternative uses of the oil. And she shared with me a DIY recipe for making baby cleansing spray. This cleansing spray is easy to make, and can actually replace baby wipes.

You might be asking why replace baby wipes when they are so easy to use? Well, I guess this option is more suited for those who prefer the natural skincare route as some baby wipes may irritate babies’ skin due to its alcohol content.

Baby Cleansing Spray Recipe

I got little spray bottles for this, and made my own cleansing spray that was handy around the house, as well as outdoors when I needed to clean little hands or bums. Tip: Cotton wool or thicker tissue work better with this spray as they don’t crumble and tear so easily.


 ~~~ Giveaway ~~~

Thanks to Four Cow Farm, we are giving away 3 Baby Kits (Large) to 3 blog readers! That’s a full set of their products: Baby Wash, Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, Nappy Cream, Tea Tree Remedy, and Calendula Remedy.

To enter:
1) Like Four Cow Farm on Facebook
2) Like our Facebook page (if you haven’t done so)
3) Leave a comment here and tell us why you’d like to win!

On top of this giveaway, there is also a special 10% discount off all products valid till the end of June. Just enter this promotional code: MAMAPAPAFARM06

Good luck! Contest ends 4 Jun, 12 noon. Winners will be drawn randomly, and announced on Facebook as well as on this post.

And remember to check out the Four Cow Farm blog for useful information on organic food, eczema and allergies. 🙂

~~~~~~ Update ~~~~~~
And the winners are…

  • Carol
  • Yvonne
  • Clyruth
  • Connie
  • Alicia

What? 5 winners? Yes, Delphinia has generously decided to extend the baby kits to the 5 comments that showed the most need for her products. So congrats to the winners! We truly hope yur kids benefit from using Four Cow Farm natural skincare products.

Thanks everyone for your game participation! PS. Remember the promotional discount for readers is valid till the end of the month, so happy shopping friends!

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  1. Ivy Goh says

    I have a 5 month old baby boy with sensitive skin and would like to explore organic products and hopefully he will enjoy it.

  2. Wei Yee says

    Me me! Isaac has ezcema and a golden bum! Would like to try these after reading how good it sounds!

  3. Carol says

    my second boy, two years old, has chronic eczema because of multiple food allergies, so i am always on the lookout for effective organic skincare products that work effectively and can help to alleviate some of his discomfort. i also have a five-month-old baby who is starting to develop patches of dry, flaky skin on his limbs after attending full day (aircon) infant care after I resumed work. hope that four cows products can also help keep his skin moisturised throughout the day.

  4. Yenny Lyne says

    If I win, I’d love to try ‘Tea Tree Remedy ‘ as it can be used from head to toe for rashes, mosquito bites, bruises, itchiness, etc.
    I’d like as treatment for my 9mo baby nappy rash, and big brother skin itchiness problem – pityriasis rosea.

  5. Yvonne Chee says

    I would like to try these products on my 18 mth old son who has chronic eczema! He has tried many creams in the market but none has worked, only managed to maintain the eczema n reducing its flaring. He still flares up once a week and I still have to use steroids as standby to treat his cracks on his hands and feet. Pains me each time when he tells me “mummy itchy mummy itchy” so I will really love to try the products. 🙂

  6. clyruth says

    Asher’s skin suffers from eczema that hasn’t fully responded to the eczema friendly products I’ve tried. It would be great if I can try these to see if it works for him, and end his persistent scratching amd my heartache when I touch his dry skin.

  7. says

    Hi!Both my kids have very hereditary atopic eczema and always on the lookout for good skin products for their use. Hearsay Four Cow Farm reaps good results in the skin. Hope to win!
    Thank you!
    Connie recently posted..Grow, grow, grow!My Profile

  8. Huifen says

    I want I need n I wish!!! I actually hope to get it for myself rather than my son , joking…As a hairstylist, contacting wif chemical everyday really dries up my skin, I really hope to win the products to retrieve back my ‘baby skin’ n I’m sure the products will do n amazing job! ;p of cos I will share them with my baby as his skin is so rough after using those commercial products on shelf. Pls!!!

  9. says

    Would really love a set coz my darling daughter has such gorgeous features but is Unfortunately attacked by hives periodically n coz she perspires a lot n has folds on her neck, the poor thing has such bad rashes it bled when she scratched n dried up to become blackhead lookalikes. v painful for me to c her go thru this. dr prescribed steriods but I’m not for it. quite lost until I saw your post! 🙂

  10. Kathryn says

    I’ll like to win cos my 20mth old girl gets itchy dry scaly skin on her neck and insides of elbows 🙁

  11. says

    I’m always on the look-out for products that are as “natural” as possible and made with love. The calendula remedy you mentioned along with the nappy cream sound like a charm and I would love to try them for myself.
    Natasha recently posted..The very wonderful porporMy Profile

  12. Sara says

    I like both on Facebook – Sara E Rowe. I’d love these for my first baby, due to arrive in August 🙂

  13. Kris says

    My 23mths old prince was diagnosed with mild eczema when he was 4mths old & since then I have tried & searched for the best baby wash & moisturiser for him since those prescribed by Dr either was to harsh (contains steroids) or just not suitable for him! I think I’ve spend lots of money buying him all those big brand products especially those that’s organic! My hubby even suggested that I should opened a mini market to sell my collection of baby wash & moisturizer! Yes, it was so much that I began to feel disheartened until I met a long lost girlfriend whom suggested that I checkout this ‘ Four Cow Farm’! I told myself this will be my last search & so I tried on my prince when he was 15mths old & since then I have never & no need to look for any other such products anymore! My prince is in very good hands already!

  14. Arthur Caudill says

    I couldn’t think of a better baby shower gift, for my daughter, and I would know that my grandchild would be getting some of the best products on the market. Thanks a lot for offering this giveaway.

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