Counting our twosome moments

I’ve reached a stage where I’m truly thankful for our twosome.

The siblings are enjoying more of each other, although there are still many fighting and toy-snatching moments that we’ve had to smooth over and help them with coping / negotiation skills.

Despite my growing belly, I actually prefer to go out with two, mainly because big sister has developed a sense of responsibility and care for little brother. For instance, if he’s up to mischief, she will come shouting for me and that is like a warning signal for me to go check on what he’s doing. Somehow, it comes to her naturally to look out for him, and protect him. And she does. (Well, as much as a little girl can anyway.)

Plus, with Vera playing with him or just doing whatever beside him, JJ’s usually happy enough to give me some breathing space of my own. Most days, I can read a few pages of a book or enjoy a cuppa. (More recently, I’ve been able to hop on a short bus-ride and take them swimming, and even do some mini-laps of my own while they play in the shallow water.)

two makes good company

Big sister also makes quite a good teacher, and would teach him to read the letters of the alphabet, simple Chinese words, or help him in some craft work. I must say, JJ’s language abilities have really advanced in the past 3-6 months, and much of it is due to Vera’s chatty-ness and good work in helping him along!

learning ABCs

However, when it comes to food – JJ’s first love – he still finds some trouble sharing with his sister. The photo below was taken some months back, and you can glimpse from JJ’s frown that he really dislikes having to share his food. Even today, his first reaction would be to frown and say “No!”

two yummy

It’s funny seeing the both of them “interact” with baby J (yes, that’s what we’re calling him for the moment) in my belly. Because JJ likes to mimick Vera, he has caught some of her love and curiosity for baby. If she starts to pat my belly (a gesture of “sayang” or love) or talk to him, he will quickly run over and do the same.

As I’ve been mentally prepping myself for the arrival of baby #3, seeing their love for him gives me the feeling of comfort. When baby arrives, I think big sister and newly-minted “big brother” will be really happy to see him! (I just hope that we’ll still be able to give the two older ones the attention and love that they need…)

holding hands

I just adore seeing them help each other out at times.

It reminds me of what family and raising children are all about.

What a privilege it is to see these flower blooms grow and unfold day-by-day, overcoming challenges together, soaking up the sun…

I’m excited, a little jittery, but looking forward to the day two becomes three (or five, depending on how you look at it).

What are you thankful for today?

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