Little Lessons: Kindness makes the world go round

I posted a story on my experience with extravagant kindness on my facebook earlier this week.

I was on the platform this morning waiting for my train, when a young lady stopped beside me and asked if she could go in before me…

“So that I can get a seat for you,” she said.

Of course I obliged. When the train doors opened, she went in and asked for the nearest seat for me. Everything was so smooth it felt like I had boarded the first class cabin of an SMRT train.

It makes me think that kindness can and should be so extravagant.

I never expect to be treated like a queen, but when I do receive such treatment, it makes me wanna pass it on, spread the word, seed a culture.

That’s the power of exemplary role-modelling in everyday life. It blooms like a flower of a thousand colours in an otherwise dry and dusty land…

Naturally, it received quite a few comments.

A friend mentioned that the nice gesture really is “something worth teaching our kids to do the same for others.” Another said that it gave them hope for our nation.

Hope indeed. I travelled the rest of the journey with my heart as light as a feather, feeling blessed and inspired.

It’s funny how a little act can have such profound impact. Like a little pebble thrown into water, the ripples spread large and wide.

I hope to be able to do the same for others with needs, just to use my eyes to see that need, and to open my mouth to offer help.

Truly values like kindness is best caught, not taught. Though we may emphasise the importance of kindness to our children, they will only catch it if they see it in action, in our lives as well as others.

Did you learn something new or inspiring this week? Do share in the comments or better still, link up!

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