The first month

We celebrated Joshua’s first month over the weekend.

It was a cosy family affair with homemade curry and beehoon and chicken wings and the usual ang ku kuey and red eggs.

I ordered macarons and cupcakes from Partridge Pear as gifts for family and friends, and was really impressed by the taste and quality. The macarons were not too sweet and the cupcakes were really moist and inside, with a yummy inner filling too.

Partridge Pear macaron and cupcakes gift boxes
Josh practically slept through the party. Either in his rocker or somebody’s arms. I’m still amazed that he barely stirred amidst the noise the kids (and adults) were making.

How time flies. Joshie has grown really well and is no longer looking like a newborn. Still, my days are mostly about eating, feeding, and sleeping. And the occasional jotting down of thoughts on paper or blog.

His schedule is still in flux, so I try to follow his cue. I’m thankful that he’s quite a sleepyhead, so whenever he’s in sweet deep sleep, I will catch a nap either in the morning or afternoon. It helps to keep me going and rest up in preparation for the night-feeds.

He also loves to nurse (which baby doesn’t?) and will fuss for the breast if he wants to sleep. So I’ve introduced the pacifier to help both of us out.

The siblings are taking to him well. Vera especially…She absolutely adores him and makes her affection for him known through her patting, singing, kisses, and words of comfort that she’ll speak to him when he’s crying. A sight beautiful to behold.

Happy first month, baby josh. You’ve captured our hearts and while I’m relishing these cute baby moments, I also can’t wait to see you running around with big sister and brother next time!

We love you very much!

Celebrating baby josh

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    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Thanks Christina! I know… It’s scary when I see the older siblings so grown up (well almost). Cherishing every bit of these baby daze, erm I mean days.

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