Busy buzzy bees

Life has been busy of late. I feel like a headless queen bee on some days, and thoughts zip out of my mind as fast as they come. I feel like grabbing them and storing them in a jar.

Granted, we have had some good busy happening around here.

Such as watching Hop and Honk last week. The kids enjoyed the show, and sat through the entire 95 minutes of it (with a break in between). I think it’s more suited for the bigger kids though (erm, people like me, and maybe the primary schoolers) because the humour was pretty brilliant and the singing and acting were spot on too. The kids could follow the plot but the humour was pretty much lost on them.

Still there were scenes that stuck in their little minds (that they still replay to this day), like the one where the evil Herodias the Heron gets his pants pulled down by mama duck Anna, who was teaching him a lesson for trying to prey on her daughter. The kids howled with laughter at the sight of his bright orange legs.

(Hop and Honk is showing till 15 November, Sat, so you can still get your tickets here.)


JJ has started swim lessons and has been doing well. He no longer grabs at me in the water, nor climbs up the wall each time he feels uneasy. He’s been amazingly cooperative, and I’m thankful for a good swim coach.

I’m thinking of starting music lessons for him too, and recently went to MYC for a trial class. He thoroughly enjoyed himself! I was impressed by the school’s use of a wide range of props and tools, making learning music a fun and engaging experience. He got to dress up as a fireman and a rabbit. He sang the dinosaur song and learnt about the black keys on the piano.

There were lots of songs and movement incorporated in the class. He was asked to squeeze a rubber ball before getting onto the piano itself, in order to strengthen his fingers. Fun aside, I’ve heard that the school is pretty serious and that the accompanying parent will have to practise at home with their kids. (Gulp.) If you’re keen on music lessons too, do check out MYC’s website.

MYC trial class review

And little Josh has been busy practising his walking. He can manage about 5-6 steps unsupported now, and looks like a cross between the drunken kungfu master and The Mummy (with his hands raised eerily to shoulder level). At 10.5 months, I guess it’s pretty early, and while we’re all laughing, it also means that he’s now able to get into more sorts of mischief around the house.


So the kids have been learning all sorts of things, from cycling to swimming, to learning to walk. Which is all good.

But, it also means that we’re all kinda busy. And busy isn’t always that great, although it seems to be rather fashionable these days, rushing from class to class, from activity to activity. At the end of the day though, it does make me feel quite empty inside.

And the kids aren’t even in primary school yet…

When did parenting become such busy business? And are we so busy that we’ve stopped taking walks in the park? Stopped playing at playgrounds with our children? Stopped dreaming dreams or imagining new worlds?

I don’t wanna be thattt busy.

As the year draws to a close and everyone gears up for the holiday, I have decided to keep things simple.

I’ll focus on doing just a few things each day, such as:

– Writing thank you notes to the people who have invested in my life.

– Decluttering. Give something I no longer need away to someone who might have use for it, or to The Salvation Army.

– Doing something fun with the children.

– Getting my quiet time with God back on track.

Things may have gone a little haywire during the year, but I believe that it’s how we finish it that matters. What are you focusing on these remaining weeks of 2014? 🙂

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  1. says

    That photo of baby Josh in between the pink rolling pillars is so adorable!

    It is quite busy for me too. After feeding, changing, feeding and playing with the kids, us mothers are left with only a few hours a day to do our own thing. I have to write another 8 sponsored posts, apply helper’s visa for Oz, plan a short weekend getaway, potty train and search for preschool before we leave in Dec to spend Xmas & new year with the family in Sydney. Oh, I just remember I need to shop for Christmas pressies too! Phew!
    Michelle recently posted..How To Support Baby’s Development Most Effectively (Part 1)My Profile

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Hi Michelle, thanks for sharing too, it does sound like it’s hard to escape busy-ness bug esp during this year-end season. But I hope and pray that the time will be enjoyable and fruitful for you guys, esp during the getaways and holidays to see the family! Happy weekend!

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