A weekend at Pan Pacific Singapore

We recently spent a weekend at Pan Pacific Singapore. Here’s how it went…

Day 1

10am – Mad, happy packing for our staycation. The kids are raring to go, and keep asking, “are we going yet?”

2pm – We are treated to an in-room check in and introduced to the room and hotel stay privileges. The best part is that we get to enjoy Pacific Club up on the 38th floor. The guest relations officer tells us the extra bed (for Vera) and cot (for Josh) will be brought to us soon.

Pan Pacific Singapore

2.15pm – The kids (and the big kid) test out the bed by jumping on it.


2.20pm – Test over. Seems like the bed passed. Daddy explores the mini-bar and makes himself a cup of Nespresso. His usual part of the whole checking out the room routine.



2.35pm – While we are busy unpacking ourselves into the room, Vera’s deep into this Bible Story Mazes & Puzzles for Kids book (aff link). I’m glad we brought this along.

Kids' puzzlebook

2.45pm – We draw the blackout curtains because it’s time to let the kids nap, which we knew was going to be extra hard since everyone was so excited.

2.50pm – The extra bed and cot arrives. Thankful the room is large enough to fit them comfortably. I leave daddy to nap the kids as I’m due to get a 50-minute deep tissue massage at St Gregory Spa. It promises to stimulate the deep tissue, improving circulation and releasing tension – sounds like exactly what I need.

3.02pm – I stop to smell the orchids on the way to the pool and spa.


Am greeted by two bright and chirpy welcome officers. They introduce me to my masseuse who walks me to the massage room.


4.10pm – I finish my massage and feel as light as a rag doll. The masseuse was detailed and applied strong strokes where my body appreciated them most – the sore neck, shoulder and calf areas. She was also discreet and quiet throughout the time, so I could really relax my body, mind and soul.

Pan Pacific - enjoy a massage at St Gregory

4.20pm – After being treated to a lovely Griffiths aloe vera tea to refresh myself, I walk back to our room on the 26th floor. It is pitch dark when I arrive. The daddy tells me the kids only fell asleep at 3.45pm. (Looks like the holiday late night schedule has begun.)

4.30pm – Hubby goes up to the 38th floor to enjoy complimentary afternoon tea and some peace and quiet. I wander about the room in semi-darkness (with the help of a desk lamp), and try not to be jealous.


4.40pm – Hubby sends me the above pic, with the message “This is shiok!”

5.15pm – The kids rouse from their naps. We decide to head out to Marina Square for dinner. On the way, we pop in to an interesting dinosaur exhibition made entirely of balloons.

Marina Square balloon dinos

8.45pm – After a romp at the indoor play area of Marina Square, we head back “home,” tired and happy. Josh is the first to get his bath, while his sister monkeys around.

9.40pm – Lights out!

Day 2

8am – Rise and shine! We hurry down to Edge, the hotel’s main breakfast buffet area. You can also enjoy champagne breakfast at Pacific Club, but only if you’re without kids, or have kids who are above 12 years old.

It’s still relatively early so there’s no queue. We get seated beside the egg station. Ooh, the smell of freshly fried eggs.


8.30am – I fetch another round of fishball noodles for the kids and get to wander around a bit. I discover the restaurant actually has my favourite childhood snack – tutu kueh! I try to introduce it to Vera but she says it tastes funny. (Facepalm)

Panpac_tutu kueh


9.20am – We arrive back at our room on the 26th floor to see that it’s being cleaned up. (These guys get started pretty early!) So we walk back down the hallway to the “floating” room to sit down and relax. I thought it was the business centre but later find out the actual centre is on level 22.

9.30am – Daddy whips out the iPad and the kids gravitate to it.

Panpac_level 26

11am -I put Josh down for a nap, while daddy brings the other two for a swim. I catch a snooze with Josh since I’m feeling a little under the weather.


12pm – The kids return from their swim and are playing in the bath. Josh is up too.

12.30pm – We head to Suntec for lunch and find the whole place swarming with people visiting the IT show. We duck into a Japanese ramen place for cover and some ramen.

1.15pm – JJ falls down at the restaurant and suffers a bloody gash on the knee. We run to the nearby pharmacy to look for some large plasters. The daddy finds some waterproof ones and we buy that. I also get some Piriton for my drippy nose.

2pm – Back at the hotel, we manage to convince JJ that he’ll be like Baymax if he puts on the plaster. He is convinced (thank God). After the plaster is slapped on, he also gets a chocolate treat. He’s then happy boy again.

2.15pm – The kids enjoy a short TV time.

3pm – We try to get everyone to nap. Even Vera, as she’s going to have a date night with daddy to catch Beauty and the Beast at Marina Bay Sands. I’m feeling feverish, so I fall asleep too.

4pm – Daddy wakes up and decides to head to Pacific Club for tea and some reading.

5pm – Everyone is up and ready to go! Vera puts on her dress with glee. The rest need some cajoling to change.

6pm – We grab a quick dinner at the foodcourt nearby as daddy needs to bring Vera for the musical.

7.25pm – The duo heads to MBS and I head back to the hotel with the two boys.

9pm – I convince JJ to pretend he’s asleep so that Josh can fall asleep. (The trickiness of rooming in together…) 10 minutes later, Josh is down. Hurray!


9.29pm – It’s interval time at the musical and the hubby calls to check on my fever. He also sends me a pic of them posing with the Beauty and the Beast backdrop.

Beauty and dad ;)

9.38pm – I treat JJ to a pre-bedtime snack of raisin bread that we got from Bread Society. He tucks into it happily, while I make myself a cup of organic chamomile tea, from the room’s complimentary stash.

9.50pm – I brush JJ’s teeth and wait for him to fall asleep. Then I get up to finish my tea and read a few pages of my Jenni’s book: Simple Tips for Happy Kids. I figured the light-hearted pages filled with practical, doable parenting tips and quotes would make a good staycation read.

simple tips for happy kids


Day 3

8.30am – We all wake up late today. By the time we get to the restaurant, there’s already a short queue.

9am – We are seated, and I immediately get some prata (nearest) for the kids. Then I head for the fishball noodle station. Daddy gets juices and bread. After that, we tuck into some fresh cut fruits. (With kids and a bit of practice, we can be very efficient with food.)

11am – Yey, splash splash!


11.50pm – Heading back to the room after the swim, a little glum.


12.20pm – Daddy is mad packing while the kids watch TV and Josh calls the receptionist to chat. I pretend to be busy taking photos.

hello? room service?

12.42pm – Josh gets bored of chatting on the phone and tries to help papa pack instead.


12.55pm – We enjoy a smooth hassle-free check-out and head for home. Grateful.


Thank you, Pan Pacific Singapore, for a sweet and memorable weekend.

PS. From now till 31 December, the Pan Pacific Hotels Group is offering a SG50 Staycation promotion to mark the nation’s milestone year of independence. All Singapore citizens and residents will enjoy complimentary daily breakfast for two persons and a S$50 daily accumulative in-house credit which can be used for selected hotel services and outlets. More details here.

The stay at Pan Pacific was sponsored for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are as usual mine.

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