Teachers’ Day gift ideas: Seed art mini canvases

We’ve been playing around with seeds lately as Vera is in the thick of learning about seeds and planting.

When I found these mini canvases from Spotlight (these are about 3×3 inches, and cost 2 for $4.95), I thought it’d be fun to let the kids have a go at making their own seed art mini canvases. Perfect for a simple teachers’ day gift!

seed artmini canvases!

Because the canvases are small, the kids could finish the piece in one sitting. JJ made a heart shape on his first attempt, while Vera decided to go free-flow with hers and came up with this swirly shape that resembles waves.

The main shape was made using soy beans that we had lying around in the fridge. She used saga seeds and pumpkin seeds as accents, and filled up the remaining space with red beans.

seeds art

The beauty of seed art is that you can use any seeds you like, or have lying around in the pantry. I used this muffin tray to sort out the different seeds. (This was the before pic, that is, before Josh came and messed everything up…)


For the next piece, they decided to make stars. I thought they actually look quite pretty unfinished.


Vera dolled hers up with gold sequins, and 2 pink jewel stickers she happened to have.

seed art 3

JJ decided to paint his with gold instead. Here are the finished canvases sitting pretty on the stands. (The stands actually come in the set of 2 mini canvases that we bought.)

seed art 5

If you’re collecting your own seeds from fruits (like oranges, apples, etc) and vegetables (like pumpkin), just remember to clean and dry them thoroughly before use!

Now, we still have time to make a gift tag to go along with the canvases. Hmm, maybe one that says “Thank you for helping us GROW!” 😉

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    • June says

      Hi Ai, I just used some glue on top of the seeds, when the kids were done with their designs. It dries transparent. If you wish to use a layer of varnish, I think acrylic varnish would work too. I will try that the next time and update you when I do. 😉

  1. says

    Lovely! We will definitely copy with pride – I was just wondering what to do with all these seed manipulatives that are lying around the house 🙂 What glue did you use? Below and/or above?

    • June says

      Hi Mei chee, I used tacky craft glue from Spotlight. It’s my current fave – not too messy, dries transparent. Have fun with your seeds!! 🙂

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