What we did during the June holidays

We took things nice and slow during the June holidays. We adjusted to a more relaxed schedule since school’s out, and on some days the kids only rolled out of bed at 8, which meant that I got to catch a bit more sleep.

Here’s what we got up to.


First up, Vera got to put on a baker’s hat when we attended the “Little Chefs Celebrate SG50” Push Pop Cake Making Competition. She loves decorating and was practically waiting to gobble up the colourful push pop cakes! Thankfully, with the help of the PA culinary arts interest group volunteers, the giant SG50 cakes were put together without a hitch. I thought it was a meaningful activity to get little ones involved in designing and decorating push pop birthday cakes for Singapore!

Vera also had the opportunity to join an art camp this June. I thought it’d be good fun for her as she’s always dabbling in something arty or crafty at home. Here are some of the colourful canvases she brought home! My favourite has to be The Grid Tree, where she explored painting in grids (inspired by Piet Mondrian perhaps), and also learnt about the contrast between hot and cool colours.

June activities1

After the art camp, I found Vera a lot more aware about layering her paint-work. She created this rainbow face piece by herself one day. It’s really fun to watch her enjoy playing with art.

rainbow piece

On quiet days at home, the kids got up to all sorts. Vera put her love for story-telling and drawing to good use – creating her own paper puppets and some dramatic scenes and stories to entertain JJ (and I).


I also got Vera The Black Apple’s Paper Doll book, and she’s been busy playing dress-up with the dolls. Middle brother also seems to have discovered his more nurturing side by playing make-believe with Vera’s toy doll. (Hopefully this translates to gentler play with his siblings too, fingers crossed…)


Closer to the end of June, the kids had loads of fun putting together their own superheroes from scrap material, and a toolkit kindly provided by the folks behind Superhero Me. We had a great time at the Superhero Me Festival at the central library too, and the kids got to star in their very first stop motion video decked out in hero costumes! It was a really meaningful event where the little ones got to learn about kindness, resilience, respect, and other values that a superhero possesses. The volunteers were also very patient and excellent with the children. Now whenever JJ acts in contrary to these values, I would remind him of what we’d learnt, and he would often stop and think about his behaviour.

June activities2

And one of our last stops, the River Safari. The highlight of the excursion was of course being able to meet Kai Kai and Jia Jia up close. We just sat on the floor and spent about 10 minutes observing each of them. It’s amazing how different their personalities are, and how obvious this was. (It helped that one of the panda enclosure keepers shared briefly about it too.)

June activities_River safari

Because it was my birthday month, I decided to reward myself by taking time out to learn something new. I signed up for a calligraphy class with The Little Happy Shop, and really enjoyed myself.

Here’s a little something I wrote to remind myself that God is the one who makes all things beautiful in its time – as for us here waiting on this earth, we just need to do our part, and trust that He will do the rest.

Lastly, I just want to share with you that I’ve been encouraged by the progress that JJ has shown in his behaviour. (So the verse below holds added meaning for me.)

Often, we can’t see the fruit of our labour, be it in raising our children or in our family relationships or in ministry. But press on, and God who is faithful will do the good work in His time.

June activities4

PS. The little pink stone above was also designed by Vera. 🙂

I hope your June holidays was good too!

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