8 indoor activity ideas for kids on hazy days

The annual Singapore haze is back again.

On very hazy days, the kids and I try to stay indoors. Here are some activities that we’ve enjoyed and have helped to keep the kids busy and engaged.

1. Bake cookies or make pancakes.

The kids love to be involved in making food, partly because they get to sift things, measure out things, and mix it all up. Then they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Anything you’ve made with your own hands taste better, especially with honey, fruits and chocolate chips on top.

make pancakes2

2. Make paper quill flowers out of old magazine pages.

These were really simple to make.

– I cut a magazine page into 3 strips length-wise.

– The kids made 3cm-long cuts along one side of the strip. At almost regular intervals.

– When they were done, I helped them roll the strip up, and we pressed the “stem” flat

– They then spread the “petals” out. You can also press it flat against the table to help them spread.

– Draw stems and paste the flowers. Voila.

– For the leaves, just roll up a thin strip of paper, and press it flat.

paper quill flowers

3. Bring out the colouring tools.

We’ve had these giant colouring papers gifted to us quite some time back. They’re purchased from Smiggle, though I’m not sure if they still stock them. It was fun watching all the kids working together on it. And how they each chose their special favourite characters to colour first. It’ll definitely keep them busy for a while at least!

4. Order pizza in and watch a movie together. Or better still, get the kids to make their own pizza, with bread or pita, tomato base, ham and mozzarella cheese.

5. Grab a basket and play dunk-the-ball, or whatever throwable items you can find.

6. Paint with straws.

Vera wanted to try this after watching it on TV. It was fun to see the colours spreading as the kids huffed and puffed on the paint. We love IKEA’s MALA glitter paint. They’re easy to squeeze and apply, and to clean off tables too.


7. Paint on glass pebbles.

We’ve been painting on glass pebbles (the ones with a flat surface) this whole week! Simple patterns work best, as the surface area of these are pretty small. I first found out about these from here. So when I came across this pop-art magnet kit at Evergreen stationery store, I picked it up to try. The pack also comes with a magnetic base to stick the painted pebbles on, to create pretty magnets.

Now I’m trying to find more of these glass pebbles to paint on! (If you know where I can find them, please let me know!)

For more fun + crafty inspirations, do check out Scissors Paper Stone Blog.

glass pebbles2

8. Play with citiblocs and other kid-friendly board games.

Even little Josh loves the citiblocs. Ahem* Okay, he’s mostly throwing it around, and gleefully destroying what the rest have built. But they do keep his little hands busy for some time. (We’ve reviewed Citiblocs before, so you can read about it here.) Other games that we enjoy are Gobblet Gobblers, and Spot It! All available from My First Games. **If you’re keen on the Citiblocs, there is a promotion now. Just enter discount code “CTBTHIRTY” during checkout. This is not a sponsored post, but good things must be shared. You’re welcome. 🙂


I think we’ll also be bringing out our Lego stash soon. Do share with us your fav home-activity ideas too?

For more indoor ideas and activities, check out these posts:

I hope that the haze will ease up soon. Meanwhile, stay safe and sane, everyone!

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