Parenting is a tough journey. A friend once said that God gave us children so that we’ll learn to grow up. I think it’s quite true.

This blog was born in 2011 with a simple hope – to connect with others by sharing the ups and downs of parenthood.

I’m an educational therapist and freelance writer. I love God, writing, and am passionate about building strong families.

We live in Singapore with our three kids. The name mamawearpapashirt was inspired by Vera, who one morning shouted those words in glee, when she saw…yes, her mama wearing her papa’s shirt. How the fact amused her, I can only guess. I was only wearing papa’s shirt because I could hardly fit into my own, my being heavily pregnant at the time with JJ.

To me, the phrase represents not just a funny memory, but is also symbolic of the many shirts that women wear – as wife, mother, worker, housemaker, and so on. (Of course, men wear many shirts too, mainly work-shirt and also play-shirt, but it’s different for a woman, as I’m sure you will agree.)

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