The little swimmer boy

swim baby swim

So I brought little Josh out for his first dip in the pool.

A-splish and a-splash.

He was curious and calm, kicking a little here and there.

I couldn’t stop laughing because he was almost bursting out of his baby warmer suit meant for 3-6 months (at 3.5 months).

I also thought he looked quite a bit like Superman.

(Okay, more like Superbaby.)

I plan to do this with him every week or so, so hopefully he’ll be well-acquainted with the water and not afraid to try new things. I’ve also been splashing water on him every time I bathe him, and at his first dip, I dipped him under water (up until his nose) after giving him a cue: “Ready, set, go.” I was surprised to see that he automatically blew bubbles out when his mouth touched the water. Now, don’t get too worried…I don’t think I will be teaching him how to swim all by myself but I did google and find some cool videos on babies learning water survival skills. (And now I know what rubber duckies are really used for.)

On a side note, big sister has also started swim lessons. Her coach is quite cool, and the lessons are focused on getting her comfortable in the water and equipped with survival skills. And hopefully she’ll be swimming like a little mermaid soon. ūüėČ

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The first month

We celebrated Joshua’s first month over the weekend.

It was a cosy family affair with homemade curry and beehoon and chicken wings and the usual ang ku kuey and red eggs.

I ordered macarons and cupcakes from Partridge Pear as gifts for family and friends, and was really impressed by the taste and quality. The macarons were not too sweet and the cupcakes were really moist and inside, with a yummy inner filling too.

Partridge Pear macaron and cupcakes gift boxes
Josh practically slept through the party. Either in his rocker or somebody’s arms. I’m still amazed that he barely stirred amidst the noise the kids (and adults) were making.

How time flies. Joshie has grown really well and is no longer looking like a newborn. Still, my days are mostly about eating, feeding, and sleeping. And the occasional jotting down of thoughts on paper or blog.

His schedule is still in flux, so I try to follow his cue. I’m thankful that he’s quite a sleepyhead, so whenever he’s in sweet deep sleep, I will catch a nap either in the morning or afternoon. It helps to keep me going and rest up in preparation for the night-feeds.

He also loves to nurse (which baby doesn’t?) and will fuss for the breast if he wants to sleep. So I’ve introduced the pacifier to help both of us out.

The siblings are taking to him well. Vera especially…She absolutely adores him and makes her affection for him known through her patting, singing, kisses, and words of comfort that she’ll speak to him when he’s crying. A sight beautiful to behold.

Happy first month, baby josh. You’ve captured our hearts and while I’m relishing these cute baby moments, I also can’t wait to see you running around with big sister and brother next time!

We love you very much!

Celebrating baby josh


You with the tidy tucked in ears
You with the softest sweetest purrs

You with the funny furrowed brows
You with the cutest drunken smiles

You with the hearty appetite
You whom we love to kiss goodnight

You with papa’s pointy nose
You with the tiniest twinkle toes

You with the crazy karate chops
You with the forever flying socks

You whose eyes are like dreamy stars
You whom I seem to have known from afar

You, our newest littlest one
You, our precious God-given son

You whom I will love and care for day and night
You whom we will not let out of sight

You who make our lives topsy-turvy
Yet bringing such great joy and delight.


Day one

We are home. The kids are excited about their new baby brother.

Vera keeps wanting to touch (sayang) him and JJ said “I like baby Joshua. He loves me so much.” (Guess all the gifts and goodies he “showered” upon them helped.)

Baby is still in sleepy mode, and so is knocked out mostly after his feeds. When he does hear the kids’ voices nearby, he will stop, open his eyes wide and just listen intently. Theirs are probably the most familiar voices to him right now, given their natural boisterous volume.

I’m slowly getting into baby care mode. Realise we don’t have many long pants that is small enough for him, but since he’s in swaddle most of the time, I think we’ll get by with shorts or just diapers for now.

Here’s the view of baby’s cot from my bed. (Joshie’s snuggled in a cacoonababy, kindly loaned to us from a good friend. So far, I must say he seems to like it!)

Nursery - view from my bed

Recovery wise, I’m amazed that I’ve barely had any post-operation pain. Guess both my anaesthetist and surgeon did a good job. But of course I’m still walking in a slow and ginger manner…after all c-section is a major medical procedure. (It’s funny I can’t recall how long it look to feel fit and move about normally again from my previous experiences. But I hope this time it will really be a quick recovery process.)

Breastfeeding is going well thankfully, apart from the shoulder and neck aches that’s come on already. Had some engorgement issues at the hospital and the kind nurses gave me cold cabbage to ease the congestion. After four rounds of two-hourly cabbage treatment, I was almost back to normal. Baby has been drinking and suckling well so that’s been helpful too.

Baby’s schedule is still topsy turvy, and he’s more wakeful at around the midnight hour than throughout the day. Will try to keep him awake more during the day so he can adjust his body clock. Haven’t had the energy to establish him on a routine yet, so we’ll have to work on that slowly.

I’m just glad to be home with baby, and to be greeted with relative peace amidst the changes.

As Vera prayed tonight, thank you God for bringing baby Joshua and mummy safely back home.

Indeed, thank you God.

Papa - world's softest pillow

33 and a baby

Dear baby in my womb,

Mummy turned 33 this week, and you’re probably the best birthday gift I can ever think of having.

Granted, news of you nearly made me fall off the chair (or to be precise, the toilet bowl). And news of you nearly made daddy, who was valiantly fighting “tigers and lions” in the jungles of Taiwan and fulfilling his national call of duty, almost require medic attention and a heli-evacuation to base camp.

But as the dust settles, we have managed to find our joy and purpose, and smile as we brace ourselves to re-enter into this baby season of life. Third time round.

(And for the record, this has got to be the last time we hit the baby button.)

Mummy has been busying myself acting like a scrap collector, re-collecting all the baby items I had gleefully given away over the past 12 months, thinking to myself, “goodbye and good riddance.”

Our storeroom is as bare as I’ve ever seen it before, well…and probably as it’ll ever be again.

Daddy is busy making arrangements to the house. We are finally going to move into the master bedroom, and ship your big bro and sis out into a proper kiddy room (almost).

Oh yes, speaking of your older siblings, I suppose you’ve already heard them laughing, talking, crying, and yelling. You’re probably wondering who they are and how fun it’ll be to play with them. I can assure you they’re heaps of fun, a little crazy and over-the-top, but cute and cuddly on most days. They won’t bite or pinch or bully you, and we will do our best to ensure you’re safe in their company.

Vera already has practice so she should be even better since it’s her second-time. Btw she hopes you’re a girl because “boys are noisy and naughty and dirty.”

Meanwhile, mummy is well, no morning sickness, no cravings, just hungry all the time.

My brain has been going into overdrive, trying to refocus on all those historical (hysterical?) baby moments, and call them back into proper shape and form, so as to better prepare for your arrival in…countdown, 28 weeks’ time.

But don’t worry, if all else fails, I have girlfriends on standby 24/7¬†with onhand and up-to-date professional baby and boobie knowledge.

You are in safe hands. So don’t worry. Let mummy and daddy do the worrying. (Yup, financials, house rearrangement, carer support, and other boring things…)

You just sit tight until it’s time to come out, i.e., 1st Jan 2014.

And if you ever feel tired of lazing around in your watery bubble bag, you can ponder over my favourite psalm of the day.

For He created your inmost being;
    He knit you together in my womb.
I praise Him because you are fearfully and wonderfully made;
    His works are wonderful,
    I know that full well. 

I think that psalm was written for you.

Love you sweetie…We can’t wait to meet you in person…


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