Dear Josh, you are one

Dear Josh, I can’t believe you are one.

At this moment, there are so many thoughts in my head, including Where in the world did my baby go , day one, and other similarly nostalgic things.

It’s been one awesome year. Topsy-turvy, yes. But awesome no less.

You sleep pretty well.

You love to play with your brother and sister. You’ve even started to fight for your rights with them, and you’re turning out to be surprisingly feistier than we all thought.

You enjoy your new-found super-power – walking. Which also makes it harder to keep tabs on you. You get up to all sorts – and find particular fancy in emptying your clothes boxes (and seeing my dismay when I discover your baby clothes all over the floor. You also love to destroy the creations of your siblings – citiblocs, lego duplo, you name it, they never escape your itchy fingers.

When it’s time to sleep or take a nap, you don’t go down without putting up some resistance. You’ll clamber down our bed, hug your favourite blankie and pick up your pacifier, then make your way to the door and start banging at it to signal to us to open it for you. (And we usually do, just to let you satisfy your hunger for play and have one more go at your toys.)

Your first few words are “eh?” and “where?” I guess you’re just a very curious baby.

There are times I really miss the baby you,with the baby coos, gummy grins, and milk smells. But I too enjoy the here and now, and watching you as you explore the world with equal portions of gusto and glee. You remind me to take life a little slower, to be more observant and appreciative of the things and people around me.

I truly believe God gave us you to make our lives complete. A special promise. The icing on our cake. The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Every child is a special gift to the world. But you’re the best, most super-duper-special gift for us, and we thank God for you.

Always and forever yours,


Little Josh was thrilled with his birthday balloon. Kept going ahh-ahh excitedly.

IKEA elderflower cupcakes

Elderflower cupcakes from Ikea = lots of drool and gaga

Putting up our DIY bunting

Putting up our DIY bunting

A precious family photo moment where no one is sulking or crying

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