We’re going on a bear hunt this weekend

We recently fell in love with We’re Going on a Bear-hunt. The Chinese version. We picked it up from the library one morning and it was Vera’s favourite bedtime book request for many nights after.

A couple of reads later, she could recite most parts of the book, mainly because the text reads with a lovely lyrical rhythm. The sounds of slushing through the river. The scary bear moment. And reversing the entire journey because they had to run away from the bear. It is one magnetic book; all the better that it’s in Chinese because we hardly have any favourite Chinese books.

It’s also fun because during one of our walks at the park, we started to pretend that we were going on a bear-hunt. Vera had delight dancing in her eyes while we were play-acting. What added to the moment was that dear daddy had JJ on his shoulders, exactly like the picture on the book cover.

The funny thing is though, we haven’t read the original English version. I’m not sure if our experience with the Chinese one would have been any different if we had, but I’m quite sure the writer who translated it did a good job. Here is an excerpt:





It’s really simple, yet there’s room for imagination. Or perhaps it’s the simplest books that allow space for imagination to bloom?

What is your favourite Chinese book for children? Please leave a comment to share as I would love to expand on our Chinese bookshelf.

Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones. Run where your imagination takes you. A trip to the library perhaps? 😉

we're going on a bearhunt

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