Playdate @ Cool de sac playground at Suntec City

We had a playdate at the new Cool de sac playground at Suntec City last week. Needless to say, the kids loved it. First up, flying fox, tents and tunnels, and a giant tic tac toe board. This spacious play area also has hula hoops and skipping ropes available for the older kids.

cooldesac open play area for tots

What’s an indoor playground without slides? Even JJ had an adrenaline rush sliding down at high speed. For tots younger than two, it’s probably safer to slide with an adult! There are also spots to climb up and down safely at this station, so it makes it less worrisome for parents. (Whew.)

JJ was drawn like a magnet to the ball-pit (as usual). I was a little surprised that it was quite small. It probably can’t take more than three kids without hands and feet getting entangled! But thankfully we were there on a weekday, so the boy pretty much had the pit to himself.

slide and ballpit

The Treehouse is probably designed for those aged three and up. It features a wooden bridge, a tyre swing, and netted ladders for climbing.


One special point about this playground is that it comes equipped with lego and craft stations for lego-maniacs and little tots who prefer to play with scissors, paper, punches and glue. It’s a nice relaxing station for parents too, because we get to sit down and take a break from running and climbing! 😛

Lego and craft stations

Finally, we got down to the dressing up area. Vera loved this the most I think. You know how it’s like with little girls and clothes; they just have to try on everything…The mirrors and all gave a nice dressing room effect. So did the stage and disco ball.

JJ: I’m going to poke you with my fork! ROARRRR!

Let's play dressing up

What I like about the place:

  • Security – Each parent is matched to your child with a coloured tag. So no one can bring your child out of the premises, except you.
  • Friendly and helpful staff are stationed around, especially at spots like the flying fox station, to help little ones out and keep them safe.
  • It’s relatively spacious and spaces have been well thought out.
  • Offers diverse and open-ended play tools.
  • There’s real food served be a bistro that has a connecting door to the playground. Lots of seating available in the playground area too, so parents of older children who can play independently can afford to sit down and sip a coffee.
  • It also offers party rooms and packages for rent.


  • Remember your socks! (We forgot ours, but didn’t mind paying for new ones as the kids received nice colourful socks!)
  • It may be worth bringing a pouch or sling bag to hold all your valuables and mobile phones as the lockers don’t have locks. (You can rent a padlock though.)
  • If you want to avoid the crowd, do check it out on weekdays! It’s cheaper too ($10 for <3yo, and $20 for >3yo).

Venue details:

  • Open weekdays (10am-10pm) and weekends/PH (8.30am – 10pm)
  • Located at Suntec City #02-379 (Next to The Cocoa Tree)
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