Family fun on wheels at East Coast Park

all aboard the family express

This photo was taken last week by a kind stranger we managed to hijack at the jetty at East Coast Park.
For $30 an hour, we had loads of fun on the 2+2 seater, especially the kids.
(Apparently on public holidays, $30 only gets you 30 minutes.)

We got to see people fishing, explain to the kids why prawns were wriggling at the end of fishing lines, and enjoy a picnic of fruits and buns on board. (The jolly umbrella provided shelter from the drizzle.)
For the daddy, it was a good workout.

We didn’t go very far, and in the end only used 45 minutes, as the kids wanted to play in the sand.

We were disappointed at first with the rain and finding out that the old hawker centre, our usual dinner spot, was closed for renovations. But at least we managed to laze on the beach. Lazing around after a workout is always a good combi.

Times like these make me wonder how we’re going to have fun as a family, once baby #3 pops out.
I guess we’ll figure it out when we get there.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to more escapades together…while we still can.

Good weekend, friends!

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