A day out at The Animal Resort

We spent our National Day morning getting to know the residents at The Animal Resort.

1) Puppies so excited to see people, they were yelping and leaping with joy in their kennels. These puppies are for sale.

2) This dog was so sleepy, he barely noticed JJ who was banging his little fist on the window right beside it. I think he just wanted to say hello.

3) Big sister feeding a carrot to a hungry rabbit

4) Animal feed can be purchased at the cafe – $1 per pack or $2 for 3 packs

5) I nearly did a double-take when I saw this black and white bunny. It was huge.

6) Geese wandered freely across the farm. They roamed in flocks and made loud honking noises. The kids were pretty taken by them.

7) Daddy and JJ taking a picture with the resident horse, the only one on the farm.

8) This horse gave my friend a “friendly chomp” on her arm, as if testing to see if it was edible or not. Later on we were told that the horse did not like people to pat or stroke its head (which everyone was doing), thus it was probably expressing resentment.

9) Here’s little boy getting his fingers in the dirt. He managed to get some into his mouth when we weren’t looking. Tsk.

10) Godpa and Vera watching the geese from afar.

11) Here’s the crown crane, a rather shy bird. If we walked too briskly toward it, it would turn and walk away in a slow and dignified manner.

12) Shadow of a palm tree on the ground.

After an hour or so of roaming the farm grounds and observing the animals, we headed home to rest. In the evening, we gathered again, this time in front of the telly. As all the participants in the National Day Parade took centrestage, our littlest one also tried to get into the limelight, showing off his new badminton racket (courtesy of godma).

We had a good national day. I hope you did too?

Our trip to Hay Dairies Goat Farm

We’ve been drinking fresh goat’s milk from Hay Dairies since Vera was about 2 plus as she has an intolerance toward cow’s milk. Soy milk doesn’t go down that well either.

When we started supplementing breastmilk with formula milk for her, she tried lots of different milk brands but to no avail. Finally, we settled on Karihome goat’s milk formula, and it was all good. That was how we started becoming goat’s milk fans.

Now, as I’m still breastfeeding JJ and he ALSO has the same intolerance, both Vera and I rely on goat’s milk for our calcium intake. The farm delivers island-wide every Tuesday morning at 6am, and two 800ml bottles (costing $8 each) last us till about Sunday.

Because goat’s milk is so much a part of our lives, we decided to make a trip down to visit the goats! We had fun and even made some new discoveries about these caprines. Trot over to An Accidental Home-schooling Mum to find out more!

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