Mums, are you tired and in need of an energy boost? Here’s MetaboliX Plus

I first heard about MetaboliX Plus before the December hols. Honestly, I was a tad unsure of taking on a new supplement. After all, things have been working well with my regular doses of probiotics from iHerb and the occasional fish oil supplement.

But, I have also been struggling with low energy levels for some time. In between managing my freelance work and taking care of the family, some days the responsibilities do feel too heavy to bear.

When I heard that MetaboliX is safe, and helps to support energy production in our bodies in a way that only boosts the production of a co-enzyme that naturally occurs in our body, I jumped at trying it out myself.

What the supplement does is promote the body’s production of NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a co-enzyme that is present naturally in every cell of our body and is essential to life.

It is known as the molecule of youth due to its role in cellular energy production and its ability to regulate the genes of aging. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the NAD+ levels in our body decline. MetaboliX Plus contains nicotinamide which is a precursor of NAD+.

I road-tested MetaboliX during our recent family holiday in Melbourne. As we took the red-eye flight and I knew I’d have trouble sleeping during the flight and be like a zombie the next day, I popped MetaboliX Plus supplement upon arriving at Melbourne airport in the morning.

red-eye flight

The Results

I didn’t feel a surge of energy like that of a sugar or caffeine boost (which also typically precedes a crash.) Rather, it just felt like my energy was sustained over the entire day. Although I had close to zero sleep, I survived the first day without much ado (though I did take a power nap and that helped too.)

I continued to take the supplement throughout the trip and found that it easier to get through the entire day of activities and travelling, not to mention dealing with cranky and irritable kids on occasions.

Because I wasn’t battling tiredness, it became a lot easier to hold it together and stay calm even when one or two kids were fighting or throwing a tantrum. (This, to me, is the real impact of taking this supplement!)

Metabolix Plus by Entity Health Metabolix supplement by Entity Health

MetaboliX Plus has an added ingredient – Boswellic acids – that helps reduce joint inflammation and pains. As I don’t have any major problems with this apart from the occasional neck ache, I will probably stick to just MetaboliX (without the “Plus”) from now on.

Discount code!!

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Find out more about MetaboliX or MetaboliX Plus now and kickstart 2018 on a strong note!

PS. I was sent a bottle of MetaboliX Plus for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and stories shared here are my own.  

What the doctor said

This is what the doctor said when I brought Vera to examine a cough that would not go away.

– No pets.

– No jumping on beds and swinging of pillows.

– Avoid citrus fruits and cold drinks when coughing.

– Leather or vinyl sofas are preferred compared to upholstery which is a dust-magnet.

– Her condition was probably triggered by dust, judging by the intense construction activity in our neighbourhood.

– It will probably not improve until the environmental conditions improve, or literally, until the dust settles.

– It peaks during the ages of 2-4 years, and only dies down around 9-10 years.

– Exercise is fine, unless we notice that after exercising, the coughing starts again.

She’s got allergy-induced asthma and a sensitive nose. I had childhood asthma and sinus as a child, and sensitive skin has accompanied me into adulthood. The daddy has mild eczema. So, thanks to us, our babies have sensitive genes.

Apparently, this package of sensitivities / allergies affects something like 20% of children in Singapore, in varying combinations.

Now, she’s got to use the Ventolin and Flixotide Evohalers, with the help of a spacer mask that’s designed for use by children aged 1-4 years. According to the PD, there are no side effects linked to the long term use of these drugs. (But when I was reading the drug specifications sheet, it did mention headaches and tremors as common side effects…Hmm.)

Two puffs in the morning and two at night. After each dose, it seems to help. But she still coughs quite a bit just after she falls asleep.

spacer and ventolin

Though this is not the best of news, I was rather relieved for that 20-minute session with the elderly doctor. And that instead of being given a bottle of dark brown cough mixture and sent home, we were presented with what seems to be a real solution that will hopefully see us through.

I guess having been through those days myself also helps me to understand and accept her condition.

But still, that doesn’t mean I sit back and do nothing. I was reminded by some good friends that God can break this cycle. And that there is healing, or at least respite, for those who believe.

And we believe.

There’s a great deal that we take for granted these days, health being one of them. Today, I choose to be thankful for the kids’ overall good health. And for the ease at which we can receive proper treatment and advice.

What are you thankful for today? 

1 Easter weekend, 2 bleeding episodes, 3 CTG scans = 1 traumatised mama

Pregnancy Week 35

21 April, 4.20pm:

  • enroute to wang cafe, chevron house, for tea-break
  • toilet stop, sudden bleeding, pinkish-red
  • I still proceed to wang cafe, at the same time calling gynae
  • gynae says “come down to clinic immediately”
  • worried, I call for a cab to Thomson Medical

21 April, 5.10pm:

  • I arrive at gynae, and she promptly does an internal examination
  • gynae discovers a blood clot, which she promptly removes
  • cervix not dilated, no contraction pain, so it doesn’t look like labour has begun
  • baby still in breech position
  • she does an ultra-sound to check on the placenta (rules out danger of placenta dislodging itself from the womb)
  • as clinic is closing, she sends me to the labour ward for CTG (cardiotocography) scan, which monitors the baby’s heartbeat
  • sent home (finally) at 6.30pm, after bleeding was confirmed to have stopped and baby’s heartbeat reading was found normal
  • gynae’s instructions: if there is further bleeding / contraction pain / baby stops moving, repeat check-up at labour ward immediately
  • prescribes more rest over the weekend

22 April, 10.45am:

  • bleeding starts again, this time deeper red in colour
  • I inform hubby, who is jolted awake from his mid-morn siesta
  • everybody gets dressed, including the 2 y.o. toddler who thinks it’s time to go shopping / a walk
  • we arrive at Thomson Medical @ 11.30am, I grab a quick bite (standard CTG will last an hour at least)
  • back to the observation room at labour ward; nurse has an equally hard time as last night trying to locate the very active baby’s heartbeat
  • I send hubby home, because there’s nothing much anyone can do
  • cleared at about 1pm, and sent home without much instructions as we couldn’t reach the gynae (Good Friday, so she may be in church)

22 April, 2.30pm:

  • gynae calls and checks how I am
  • she suspects it could be ‘old blood’ from the day before, also explains that one-third of late pregnancy bleeding is by unknown causes
  • she says if bleeding starts again, I will need to be admitted into hospital, particularly if blood is pinkish or bright red in colour
  • prescribes bed-rest for rest of the day
  • day passes incident-free, just the occasional spotting

23 April, 10.40am:

  • no fresh bleeding, but some brownish discharge
  • nurse from gynae’s clinic calls, saying gynae saw my CTG report, and wants me to come in for another round of CTG (sigh)
  • I call the hubby who’s finishing breakfast with colleague nearby
  • kind colleague drives all of us to Thomson Medical
  • I grab a chocolate croissant from Delifrance enroute to clinic (it will be another hour!)
  • hubby feeds toddler outside clinic, I wait patiently for my turn at the CTG machine
  • midway through CTG, gynae arrives to explain my CTG yesterday had periods of drop in fetal heartbeat (cos baby was moving so much), so had to do another check to be sure
  • finally cleared at 1.30pm, but not before gynae said if more bleeding episodes, it would be best to deliver baby (C-section), since it could be the womb that’s bleeding (though she added it’s unlikely the case)

This Easter weekend has turned out to be too exciting and a tad too scary. Still, I’m reminded that God is in control, and He will works things out for our little family. Thank God for friends who have been praying and encouraging us! 🙂

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