Bintan Snapshots

So we had a crazy retreat at Bintan Lagoon Resort. 3 families comprising 6 adults and 4 kids and 2 babies.

It was fun, relaxing at times, supremely tiring for the most part, but still worth it…

The villa we stayed at could easily house 3 families. There were actually 4 bedrooms on the second level, so we let Vera and JJ take one room on their own.

The villa is equipped with a kitchen too so you can bring your own ingredients to whip up a hot yummy breakfast.

Bintan_villa Bintan_villa1
We got around by driving this cute little buggy. The villa wasn’t really that far from the main recreational area so on some occasions we just took a walk to wherever we wanted to go.


The kids loved the beach, and found this little natural wade pool enclosed by large rocks. There were even little fishes swimming in there!
Big sister and baby brother taking a stroll.
We also had most of our meals by the beach, just enjoying the sea breeze in our hair, and the lovely restaurant food.
Most of our mornings consisted of jumping into the pool. This one below is child-friendly as it has a pretty large shallow wading area.


After a dip, you can try your hand at some batik painting!


Little Josh enjoyed wandering in the large space, exploring whatever he could get his hands on.


He was one contented little baby. Incidentally, this was his first trip over the seas…


It was nice, 3 whole nights without wifi and even mobile roaming. (You can of course pay for wifi if you really need to, but we didn’t feel the need to…Well okay by the last night some of us were itching to get back on the grid again…)

We didn’t even use the phone except as a torchlight when we’ve looking for something in the room after baby Josh was asleep.

I think we’re set for more crazy but memorable young-family trips like these…


More details on the trip will be shared in the coming weeks over at Petite Travellers!

10 great travel games for children

Petite Travellers - 10 great travel games

June is a merry month for travels, and many of you are already in various stages of travelling – be it packing, planning or already on your way.

It gives me great delight to share with you a little collaborative travel blog project called Petite Travellers. It was born one day the way most great ideas are born – unexpectedly, out of the blue, but almost always in the presence of good company.

Petite Travellers (or P.T. as we fondly call it) is focused on delivering great travel experiences that are family-friendly and child-approved. It currently features family-friendly destinations and travel tips, but give us some time, and you’ll definitely see more exciting and helpful features.

Here’s my first contribution – 10 great travel games for stress-free holidays. These games are nifty for little hands, easy to carry around, and pretty accessible in terms of purchasing. Do hop over to check them out!

PS. It would absolutely make our day if you were to leave a comment and let us know what you think of the site, or even what you’d like to see in future. Do also visit Petite Travellers’ Facebook Page and like us for more updates!

Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay

We visited the new Far East Organization children’s garden at Gardens by the Bay during the CNY school holidays. The first major attraction of the place was of course the water play area. It was a huge water wonderland, both for kids and adults.

water play area at gardens by the bay

Kids of all ages were running amok and everyone was having a big splash.

water play area at gardens by the bay

Ironically, Vera and JJ didn’t quite like the water playground. I think they thought the water fountains were a tad too huge and fast for them. They were quite content playing at the toddler playground and the sand play area.

childrens' garden at gardens by the bay

A fish fountain area that looked pretty interesting. Unfortunately it’s not in operation yet.

After the kids had their fun, we headed to the Cloud Forest Dome. The first thing that greeted us was this huge waterfall. The cool temperature was a nice touch too.

waterfall at the cloud forest dome

Cloud forest dome

Pretty flowers were littered all over, and many nature photography enthusiasts were spotted with their huge cameras.

The aerial view from level four. (I’ll get dizzy if I look down for too long.)

sky bridge at cloud forest dome

Check out the mist!


And beautifully landscaped pond and garden areas.

Cloud forest dome

As we brought baby J with us, I had to nurse him while the kids explored the dome with daddy. I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice nursing room on the ground floor of the dome (conveniently situated next to the lifts). It was well equipped with a hot and cold water dispenser, a diaper change station, sink, and a separate area for nursing, which can accommodate one mum and baby at a time. (Would have preferred to see a curtain for added privacy though, but thankfully the nursing bench is deeply nestled in one corner, so it’s not so intrusive.)

We ended the day with dinner at Satay by the bay, which was a nice 15 minutes walk away, along the bay. The weather was nice and breezy by 6pm.

 Satay by the bay

When the kids are older, we’ll probably head back to the water playground. Hopefully by then they’ll be more comfortable to get wet and wild. 😉

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