A quiet brunch at La Ristrettos

I decided to have a quiet brunch on my own at La Ristrettos last week, after a visit to my gynae. Hidden on the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre, I was almost surprised to find it when I was looking around at all the medical-looking suites and entrances. Even the directory at the lift didn’t list the cafe.

I sat outside as they happened to be having a private event. Thankfully it was pleasantly cool that morning.

My mushroom fritatta made me smile.

Yummy fritatta

I was having a thankful kind of morning.

All was well with baby’s development, and my gynae also gave me the assurance that my placenta had moved up (initially it was low-lying).


So the delicious breakfast, ooh and coffee, set amidst greenery and solitude, aptly added to my mood.


In between devouring delicious morsels of mushroom, egg, tomato, and spinach, on buttered bread, I read Why Your Children Love You and took mental notes.

La Ristrettos, I’m adding you to my list of favourite cafes. You’re perfect for a weekend brunch. Or a quiet weekday breakfast and coffee retreat.

Yum is the word.

Happy weekend, folks!

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