Little Lessons: Valentine’s day craft and learning about extravagant love

This week’s little lessons is inspired by a craft I first saw at

I adapted it with materials that I found around the house.

valentine craft

love bug DIY craft
1) Cut out a heart shape using red or pink card stock. Tip: the heart should be about the size of your palm or smaller. The paper should ideally be more than 120gsm as this will help the bug to “stand” better. (Ours was a tad flimsy and could barely support the weight of the ping pong!)

2) Write a simple love message on the heart.

3) Decorate the ping pong ball with red or black paper, making a smiley face.

4) Cut pipecleaner into one-inch legs. Fold each leg to make a right angle. Glue one end of the leg to the bottom of the paper heart. Your love-bug can have six or eight legs, depending on you. Tip: It can get messy glueing the legs as you need to hold it in place for a few minutes while it dries to ensure it stays upright.

5) Glue the head onto the tip of the heart. Voila! Get bitten by the love bug! 🙂

While doing the craft, I spoke to the kids about Valentine’s day and explained that it’s a day where we express our love to those we love.

After saying that I realised how silly that may sound to them since they express their love to us every day, day in day out. (And we to them too.)

Especially like how they rush to the door with peals of excitement whenever daddy comes home. Or how they give us a giant hug out of the blue. And those unexpected “i-love-you’s”

Their acts of child-like love are so full and real and extravagant. Sometimes I think they put us to shame. Perhaps it’s because they have no fear of what people might think. Or that they haven’t learnt to inhibit their behaviour according to social norms.

Perhaps it’s also because they know that we love them, and they feel safe expressing their love to us.

When I see them loving us so richly, I’m inspired to love them more, and to express my love to them in similarly extravagant ways too.

For them, every day must be Valentine’s day.

What are some of your favourite ways of loving and showing love to your children? 🙂

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