The start of a new journey into primary school

Dear Vera,

You’re going to primary school. The other day at P1 orientation, you looked excited and hopeful as you found a spot in your class, and took in the new surroundings and new faces.

It’ll be a big day, for sure, come January next year. I know you’ll be excited, because this is the attitude you hold towards life. Full of promise, fun and hope; full of learning new things and making new friends.

Full of growing up.

I’m so grateful for you, my dear daughter. You’ve been a wonderful help at home, caring for and helping out your younger brothers when they find themselves stuck. Sometimes you take on the mummy role, which is both funny and exasperating to watch. Funny because you’re actually pretty good at bossing them around. Exasperating because you try to exert an authority which you don’t truly own.

I feel I learn so much gentleness from you; the way you console your brothers when they’re in tears sometimes puts me to shame.

I can’t count the ways that you bring joy and grace into our home – grace, that is the meaning of your name. But I know it, because I’ve received these gifts from you often.

It’s amazing to watch you grow. Such a privilege to be the one to guide you and teach you God’s ways. We recently had the opportunity to serve together for the community, and it gave me just a small glimpse into the future. You will have a big heart for people, and help those around you who are in need – perhaps even through creative ways.

Sometimes when things get stressful at home, I tend to get overwhelmed and sometimes lose my cool. During those times, you just try to listen and nod your head, and do your best to help. That often helps me feel better, and I’m grateful.

Yet, I know you’re just a child – still growing, still learning, continually being moulded by His unseen hands. I have to constantly remind myself not to place too-high expectations on you, not to expect you to be the perfect goody big sister. You are a wonderful one no doubt, but your name is Vera (not big sister) – a little girl who loves to learn and try new things, who loves to take on challenges with a hopeful grin, who loves a bit of drama and crazy-good-fun in her life.

Even though you cross a new milestone into primary school, you’ll still have a long way before you, and I hope you’ll run this race slow and steady, like the tortoise rather than the hare. I pray that God will strengthen your faith and character as the days go by, and that you’ll learn to walk in wisdom and grace all through your learning years (which never stops by the way).

Very often when formal schooling starts, we start to focus on performance, results and external achievements. But I pray that I’ll keep my eyes on what matters – that I’ll focus on your inside, your character, your faith in God.

I pray for His favour to be upon you in the area of friendships too, and that you’ll continue to be a blessing even as you are blessed.

I’ll miss you, my little girl, but I look forward to hearing stories from you when you come home from school each day.


Dear son, you’re one

For JJ’s first birthday, I wrote him a letter.

No, not this blog post, I mean a physical letter. You know, the kind with paper and pen?

Ok…You need a picture to remind you of what that’s like? Here you go…

letter to my baby And I sent it back to ourselves through the mail. (I know it’s a bit silly, and I’m wasting stamps, but heck it’s once a year for my child.)

Here’s a snippet of what I wrote:

“You are such a precious, joyful, funny little man,

just like daddy except for the ‘little’ part.

My prayer for you as you turn one,

is that you will continue to be blessed and protected by our God,

that you’ll grow to be a loving, kind, patient toddler

(if there’s ever such a thing)

I love you, my baby.

Don’t grow up so quickly ok?”

Now…I just need an empty box to store this letter, and future ones, properly, so that when the kids are grown up, we’ll all know where to find them. Won’t it be such fun to discover these sweet moments of their childhood when they’re older?

Do you write letters to your kids too? Let me know if you intend to embark on this project too!

Baby-five, baby JJ

Baby JJ turns five months old today. High five for JJ!

Now, I figured I better get down to listing his little achievements before they all slip my mind. I didn’t get to do this the first time round, and this could jolly well be our last chance.

So, this is what our baby boy has been up to.

– He just cut his first tooth a week ago (bottom left front tooth). (This sometimes makes me a bit edgy while nursing.)

– He loves to make vowel sounds: aaah, oooh, ehhh, but has stopped making sounds like goo and waah which he often did somewhere between the first and second month.

– He packs a good punch and kick. Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting a grown boy when he’s worked up and hungry. At which times both my hands will be tied up with his, and I need to draw my knees up to block his kicks.

– He laughs to smile at familiar faces, and laughs when you make funny repetitive noises.

– He loves his morning walks.

– During his walks, when an unfamiliar aunt tries to baby-talk him, he scrunches up into his I’m-going-to-cry face.

– He can flip from back to front; the first time was when he was about 3 months.

– He can flip from front to back on occasions.

– He can hold his head nearly 90 degrees up when he’s on his tummy.

– He loves to ‘stand’ and support his weight on his legs, with our arms under his of course.

– He gets all excited when he gets to smell something new, like an apple or a herb.

– He’s still on mummy’s milk, pretty much exclusively.

– He hasn’t slept through the night till dawn yet, but we’re working on it!

– He can grab his favorite toy and (I think) is just starting to pass an object from one hand to the other.

– He makes funny belchy faces when he tastes medicine (the first was when he had his rotavirus vaccine).

– He’s absolutely into his sister. He just takes in every bit of her when she’s around. Needless to say, we love their interactions!

Here’s my fav picture of him and the older sister. They look almost like they are playing with each other!


Happy 5th month, baby JJ! We love you!

Now…will you excuse me while I give myself a pat on the back for surviving enjoying these five (almost blissful) months? 😉

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