The missing mum

I must admit I’m not quite fond of taking photos.

My hair’s usually in a mess and sometimes I don’t smile properly. It doesn’t help that I’m vain, and the little imperfections that show up on screen get to me.

I suspect that this entire blog has less than 10 photos of me. It’s usually the kids, or one of them plus daddy, or both and daddy.

I think that’s pretty appalling.

I’ve been feeling the need to let go of my tight reins on the camera, and to encourage the man to take more pictures of me and the kids.

So at a recent wedding we attended, we managed to pull off some decent shots.

I love photos with lots of greenery and sky in the background. They seem to help make everything more beautiful and natural.

This is just a start. I hope we do more. What’s a blog if you don’t have photos of yourself with your favourite people on earth?

I don’t want the kids wondering next time, why is mummy always missing from our pictures? What’s up with that?

I certainly don’t want them to be missing from my photos in future when I’m old and wrinkly.

Would you take the challenge with me this weekend, and capture more shots of yourself and your family? Hint: Instead of focusing on getting that perfect picture, let’s just enjoy the moment, and let the photographer take care of the rest. 😉

Have a good weekend, friends.

Worker, mother of two, writer, wife

It has taken me a while to realise this.

That I am a worker (part-time but worker no less.)

A mother of two.

A writer.

A wife.

I don’t know how I cope with all the various demands from these four major roles that I am focusing on right now. I really don’t, as in I have no clue. But quite recently, someone at work came to me and asked me. (This was after she found out I had two little ones.)

How do you do it?

I was taken aback. This wasn’t a question that I’ve considered before. I haven’t quite found the secret recipe at keeping it all together. Some days, I don’t. Some days, I surprise myself that I still have energy to write and to upkeep this blog. Other days, I get by by telling myself that it’s okay I don’t have time to apply nail polish and trim my eyebrows and shop for new shoes. It is enough that my husband and kids love me, and these itty-bitty things just don’t matter as much anymore.

But still I have certain expectations of myself. Every night, I try to clean and wash out my kids’ water bottles. Every night, the hubs and I try to make conversation, to share about our day, what went on, what went right or what went wrong. Every night, we hug and kiss the kids to bed. Every night, I ask God to keep us safe and sound. Every night, I ask for strength and grace for the next day.

At night, I also come face-to-face with the truth.

How do I do it?

The answer is, I don’t quite do anything in my own strength.

I do give my best at the different areas of responsibilities that I have, but I would be totally faking it if I said that everything is done at 100% and that nothing is breaking. Let’s face it, we were never meant to be superwomen. At least, I never set out to be one, because I would just fall flat on my make-up-less face.

But this is who I am. I am a woman content with what I have. I am thankful. For both the joys and messiness of motherhood. I see that we don’t lead picture-perfect lives. We all struggle in some shape or form. Every day, we juggle the perennial balls of family, work, dreams, health, finances, love. Maybe sometimes we just need to know that it’s okay to drop a ball once in a while. Let it slide. That no one will wag the naughty finger at us.

I depend on God. I depend on others. I can’t thrive in a me-and-myself world. It would be too lonely and isolated. I’m intricately connected to several important people, and I see that these relationships are my lifeblood. It gives me pure and simple joy that others can depend on me too. Truly, I would not be who I am now, if not for the presence and support of family, and the love and encouragement of friends. And the sweet precious grace of a wonderful and loving God.

Without them, I would lose balance. Without them, I would probably fall.

strength and dignity

 You balance many roles and responsibilities too…How do you do it? How do you cope?

A mother is…

~ An obstacle course to a baby who’s just discovered the use for legs.

~ Someone who plans more play dates than date nights.

~ Someone who tries to be slow to anger, and quick to listen. (But it often ends up the other way around.)

~ One whose arms are a rocking bed, lap is a lounge chair, and bosom is a contour pillow.

~ A discipline master and control freak. Period.

~ Someone who hones her creativity, problem solving skills, and entertaining abilities on a daily basis. (How else do you keep a toddler and a baby happy?)

~ A worrywart.

~ Also a daughter, friend, wife, sister, and contributor to the economy (regardless of whether you are SAHM, WAHM, or FTWM).

~ Always multi-tasking.

~ Someone who’s almost always feeling guilty.

~ Always on call.

~ A work-in-progress.

~ Always giving.

~ A WOW-man.

~ A privileged profession with a job description that includes cleaning poo, wiping bottoms, and mediating wars, where you’re paid in pure love.

~ An organized mess.

~ The most important job on this planet.

~ THE boss.

Among other things, that is.

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