Joy is…

Joy is the look of childlike wonder.

Joy is a precious memory for the toddler.

Joy is wild and wilful play.

Joy is falling asleep with a soft, cuddly pal.

Joy is going for a spin or two.

Joy is a funny moment.

Joy is a peaceful midnight snack.

Joy is taking family walks at the park.

Joy is a big bear hug.

Joy is a collection of happy, funny, heartfelt moments. Moments that are usually made up of the simplest things – the spontaneous ways in which the kids show love to each other, a Milo moment in the still of the night, and everyday things like taking walks and playing at the playground…Things that we sometimes take for granted.

Joy begins with contentment, and by appreciating what we have. It doesn’t require money or success, but it does take time and effort to be together with our families, creating happy memories.

Granted, we all have our fair share of bad days and our own battles to fight. But I’m learning that even through the valleys of life, joy is a daily choice that we make.

Don’t let anything steal this joy of yours away.

What are your most joyful moments of motherhood?

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Faith for the modern mum

What fills the life of modern mothers? What takes up our time?

Facebook, Twitter and mobile gadgets have enabled us to get connected with ‘the world’, while Google, parenting websites and blogs have helped us to find answers and gain insights into everyday parenting issues.

But what gives us answers for our souls, and what truly comforts when we are falling apart?

Maybe the question should be ‘who’ and not ‘what’.

I don’t mean to sound cliched but there IS a hole in our hearts that only God can fill – I know because I once tried to plug that hole with all the wrong things.

Whenever I’m down and directionless, or losing my passion for my kids (I don’t mean I stop loving them, but there are times when I find it extra hard to love), I know that I’ve lost sight of God.

It is ironic that in our increasingly connected world, and the busy pace of life we lead, we’ve stopped plugging into the Source of life himself. We’ve lost the intimate connection with Him.

Why is it important?

Each time we give a status update on Facebook, or share a link, we hope to have as many of our friends view it as possible, and we enjoy reading their responses.

Well, connecting with God is a bit like that. Except that He already knows what it’s on our minds and what we want to update Him about. The wonderful thing about prayer is that it’s two-way; God ‘comments’ on our updates too. And more often than not, his comments are life-sustaining, through bibles verses, or even words that come through other people.

Since becoming a parent, it’s been a challenge for me to steal away to a quiet place. Yet it’s never been as essential as now. I know I can keep running on my own strength, and trying to accomplish never-ending tasks, and meet exorbitant demands (from a baby and a three year old) by my own abilities. But I know at the end of the day, God never meant for me to live this way.

He never meant for me to be running this course of parenthood alone. There’s so much I have to navigate, so many obstacles to cross, so many tear-soaked pillows, so much doubt to overcome…I can only get through it with God.

How can we get this connection back up?

I remember some weeks ago I was trying to migrate this blog from one platform to another. I was having some difficulty because what was meant to be accomplished in one click…well, let’s just say it didn’t happen that way. I sat through one harrowing hour staring at my empty blog space, wondering what had gone wrong. And friends were sending me text messages like ‘hey what happened to your blog?’ (which I really appreciated by the way.)

It was close to midnight and I was desperate because I didn’t know where to get help. Thankfully a dear friend I made through blogging was online at that time and she helped me to re-try the one-click (so-called) installation at her end. I was so grateful.

Within minutes of her trying, the blog (as in all my past blog posts) came back up.

I don’t think I’ve felt so relieved / revived in years.

Now, that story just goes to show the amount of importance we place on being connected to the world. So much so that we feel uncomfortable when our online selves are ‘missing’ or when our internet connection is down.

But do we feel that same sense of discomfort when our connection with God is down? It’s sad but true; I’ve been surviving on a high-speed connection with the world, but a minimally low connection with God. I spend 1-2 hours online every day, and only 5-10 minutes ‘online’ with God. And I trick myself by saying ‘that’s okay, I’m still connected right?’

So, over the next few weeks, I’m intentionally unplugging from the world, little by little each day, and plugging more into God. I’m going to make myself less busy online, so I can create more space for God in my life.

And more space to enjoy my family and the kids too.

I invite you to join me…

The good, the bad, and the not so funny

I’m away at Mum in the making today, talking about motherhood and how it has changed me.

Yes, I know, I wrote something like that not so long ago, but there’s really so much going on in a mother’s life, that the words just keep spilling over.

It feels like I’m on a journey of discovery, and each day I’m learning new things about my family and myself, and each day there are new challenges to tackle.

If that’s how you feel too, I hope you’ll join me there.

The modern mum’s source of strength – over at A Juggling Mom

I’m over at A Juggling Mom today chatting about the modern mummy’s source of strength. Do hop over to say hello!

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