The gift of play – Fun things to do with kids outdoors

You may have read my 20 easy ways to play at home.

Now it’s time for some outdoor play ideas.

1. Catch the bus to nowhere, get off on a whim and explore the area. The only catch is it must be someplace new. 😉

2. Walk in the rain with or without shoes. Jump into puddles. Laugh out loud.

3. Visit a pet shop. Get your child to name the number of different animals you can see. Keep a count of those animals.

4. Gather as many different flowers and leaves as you can when you next walk in the park. See who has the most number of variety in their bag. (When you get home, press these flowers and leaves between paper and stick it under a heavy book for a few days. Pressed flowers make simple and pretty craft items.)

5. Bring markers. Collect rocks or pebbles and draw on them. If your child is older, you can get them to write little messages on these rocks.

7. Pebble-fishing – BYO coloured rocks or pebbles and scatter them into a wade pool for the kids to pick up.

8. Collect pine cones. Bring them home and hang them up as a mobile.

9. Go to the Botanic Gardens (or any park) and do any of the following:

– climb a tree

– sky-gaze

– paint whatever catches your eye

– have a picnic

– bring along  paper and crayons and do leaf shadings (Thanks Evelyn for the idea!)

10. Hug a tree. (Inspired by this wall mural at Food for Thought.)

Since it’s the holidays, why not put on your collector’s hat this week? Take a bag and run outdoors and pick up whatever catches your fancy. Or bring along a magnifying glass to examine some creepy crawlies. The world is an amazing place, if we would just make the time to see it that way. 😉

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