Our Fun Outdoor Photoshoot with Natsuki Photography

We spent a fun morning with Natsuki Photography at Bishan Park (near the McDonald’s).

Here are some of our favourite shots of the day.

Enjoying a picnic…(Check out the little prince lying on my lap)  Natsuki family photoshoot

Natsuki family photoshoot

Natsuki family photography

Family shoot by Natsuki Photography


Natsuki family photography

Jump shot! We had to re-take this many times obviously. **Pro-tip: remove heels prior to jumping next time!

Jump shot! by Natsuki Photography

Defying gravity…This one looks like Josh had fallen from the tree. I don’t know how the dad managed to throw him so high.

Natsuki family photoshoot throw shot

Me and my not-so-little ones.Natsuki family photoshoot me and my boy

Natsuki photography great for kids

My boys…

Natsuki family photography cheeky toddler

dad and josh dad and josh 2

And, finally our couple shots…(He nearly dropped me, or at least pretended to!)

Natsuki photoshoot couple shots

Natsuki family photography

Seriously although we’ve been married for years now, it’s still so awkward taking professional shots together. Thankful that we had a beautiful bouquet from A Better Florist to hold, otherwise we wouldn’t have known what to do with our hands!

Natsuki couple with flowers

flowers by A Better Florist closeup

Natsuki family photography

All in all, a fruitful and fun morning. I’m really thankful that Nat and Francis managed to keep the kids happy and smiling throughout the shoot, with their cute soft toy friends that they sprung up at just the right moments. Thanks for helping us capture such lovely memories. (Thank you for being patient with the kids too!)

PS. I booked Natsuki Photography since November last year, and could only get the slot 4 months down the road, so if you’re planning to book with them, do so early! You won’t regret it! The entire package costs $450 (up to 6 pax), and you’ll received min. 40 edited photos, and the rest of the photos will also be returned to you.

Also special thanks to A Better Florist for sending us the beautifully handcrafted flowers! Check them out for your next special occasion or just because. 🙂









A shoot to remember

It was a lovely Sunday morning at the Botanic Gardens.

We had an appointment with Steph Tan and friends for a family shoot, as part of her annual Pass It On charity photoshoot project.

All of us were in pretty good spirits, except for little JJ who’d just had a major meltdown before leaving the house.

Here’s Vera looking all gung-ho and JJ looking all grumps.

So we had lovely shots of Vera.

Try as hard as we (and Steph) could, we could barely squeeze out a smile from the lemon Javier.

So he ended up looking cool and aloof. Well, when he wasn’t whining that is…


But that’s life.

Whenever we’re planning something fun and exciting, something unexpected could always fall from the sky.

And we just have to make the best out of it.

Thankfully, Vera was all smiles.

As for JJ…glum despite holding his favourite fruit.

Still, it was a day to remember.

The shoot only took 30-40 minutes.

But kudos to Steph and team who managed to capture such precious beautiful memories for us.

My hubby said we should probably do it again next year…

After all, it’s for a good cause.

It’s good fun.

Plus it’ll be our first photoshoot as a family of five.

And who knows, maybe JJ will be the one playing little Mr Sunshine. 😉


Have a good weekend, friends.


Mothers for mothers

We had a pretty fun weekend. I had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist.

Who also did my hair.

About 20 minutes into it, we were almost done!

Here I am, flanked by two lovely mums – Susan from A Juggling Mom and Ruth from Mommy Cafe.

strike a pose
Peek a boo! Guess who’s hiding behind my skirt?

Finally, the kids got to join in the fun as well! (Susan’s little one Sophie looks so cute hiding behind her peace signs.)

After the group shot, we proceeded outdoors to take some photos of the kids at play. I think it was a great idea to do our family shoot outdoors as the kids (especially Javier) are much happier and more relaxed outdoors. Also, with all the colouring pencils and paper provided as props, Vera felt pretty much at home once she got into the colouring groove and barely noticed all the cameras pointing at her. Even Javier wanted a piece of the action.

And here are the people behind the scenes. (Thanks for making this experience so meaningful and fun for us, guys!)

You must be wondering by now…what were we up to? Why did three blogger mums gather with their kids for a photoshoot?




The three of us have been selected to represent Lifebuoy as online brand ambassadors. Through our blogs, Lifebuoy hopes to bring their message of cleanliness and hygiene to more young mums in Singapore.

Why mums? Well, it’s no surprise that mothers have always been a central figure in protecting the health and well-being of our children. We are usually the ones who stay up at night when the kids are unwell, and so we know the importance of providing a safe and clean environment in the home.

How do I feel? 

Excited – to have this opportunity to work with a brand that is closely aligned with my personal values. This project is also a personal challenge for me to write better, more meaningful blog articles related to health and hygiene. I also hope that I can live out that role as a positive influence in other mums’ lives.

Thankful – for many things. Friendship is one of them. I’m glad to have gotten to know Ruth and Susan better through this project. I’m also thankful for the support from the hubby. (Although he knew that this project would mean a certain amount of time commitment from me, he gave me his blessings.)

Looking back, this whole thing seems quite surreal. When I started blogging, I never thought there would be a day like this. I mean I write for the joy of writing and connecting with like-minded mums, and at first I hesitated because I was worried that being paid for blogging would eat into my passion. Would it get into my head? Would it change the way I write? Would readers stop trusting me?

Then I realise that in my work, I too get paid for doing something that I love. Things started to click from there, and so here I am. At the end of the day, I remind myself that I’m just a mum, and I’m here for other mums who worry, struggle, and laugh over the same things. None of us needs to pretend that our lives are perfect, or that we can do no wrong, because motherhood is one big beautiful mess. I believe Susan and Ruth would also agree…and thus the title of this post, “Mothers for mothers.”

Unless otherwise stated, photo credit goes to the talented Rachel from Catch Forty Winks.

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