Life’s simple joys

We had nothing scheduled over the weekend. Absolutely nothing. No one to meet. Nowhere to go. No major task to accomplish.

But…it was all good.

What did we do? Well, we rounded the kids up and took them out for a walk to the library.

Along the way, daddy spotted a yellow butterfly. He took a small plastic bag and caught it, much to Vera’s delight and JJ’s curiosity.

Here’s Vera holding on to the bag with the butterfly. She said, “Mummy, I want to bring this home and play with it.”

To which I said, “No, because the butterfly’s home belongs to the great outdoors. It would be very sad if it was trapped in our home. Let’s set it free later, okay?”

She thought for awhile, then said okay.

papa caught me a butterfly!

After getting some Chinese books from the library, we walked around a nearby field.

It was wonderful to be out. The sun was strong. The fields were a happy yellow-green.

And the daddy and kiddos were a-walking, a-walking.

a-walking a-walking

You can tell that JJ was one happy baby to be out on the loose.

He also enjoyed playing ‘catch’ with daddy.

Chuckle, chuckle, shrieks of laughter.

baby on the loose

Who’s that hiding behind the bus-stop advertisement? Peek-a-boo!


Spending the afternoon in the sun reminded me of this article about childhood myopia. I was taken aback at this finding: “In Singapore, where the rate of nearsightedness is about 90 per cent, most children spent about half-an-hour outside.”

Half an hour is really not a lot.

The problem comes when we have insufficient exposure to bright, natural light. And it’s exacerbated because students spend a lot of time reading, studying, watching TV, and on the computer.

Being a working mum, I may not be able to bring my kids outdoors every day, but I do ask my care-givers to take them to the playground or nearby park.

After such a lovely, sun-shining day out with them, I’m inspired to do this more often. Empty our schedules, relax and chill, run about and have fun with the kids.

Days like these remind me of the priceless possession of motherhood — the pure and simple joy of seeing a big smile on big sister’s face and hearing little boy’s incessant chuckles.

I hope your weekend was good too?

Conversations with a sand surfer dude

Finally, after like what, 10 months outta the womb, and NOW I get to play with some sand?

Seriously, mama, couldn’t you have gotten me some of this stuff earlier?

Geez, you urban parents are really party-poopers. I mean, what are toys when you can give me the whole world??

sand dude

Are you sure you don’t wanna play with me?

Where’s jie-jie [big sister] by the way? What?! She thinks the sand is too dirty? I can’t believe it! She’s such a princess!

Man, I really dig this (pardon the pun). Hmm, I wonder how deep this stuff goes…

I sure hope I can find my treasure before the sun goes down. (Come dig with me, mama!)

hole in the sand

Playing with my ABCs

These magnetic alphabets were taken off the fridge and lined up like a railway track.

Can you make out any words?

I thought for a moment that I spotted the word ‘eBay’, but oops the ‘I’ is where the ‘B’ should be.

Or maybe abacus spelt wrongly. ABYKS.


Nothing happier than a toddler who’s simply just playing with her alphabets.

Hmm, if we can’t find any words then this would be a very wordless Wednesday.

Vera wear papa shirt

This morning, for the first time, Vera asked to wear her daddy’s shirt.

papa shirt

We’ve all seen little girls trying to look all grown up like their mummies by putting on their dresses / shoes / lipstick, etc.

But this little girl chose to wear her dad’s shirt.

And I swear, I had nothing to do with it.  And this is NOT a publicity stunt for my blog. I was just going about trying to get everyone ready to leave the house so that we could get to church on time.

Then suddenly, she appeared, with a big grin on her face, in papa’s stripey-blue shirt.

View the video to hear why she did this..

You know I could be jealous, but I’m choosing to look at it this way. She must love and look up to her daddy so much that she wants to be like him…to the extent of dressing like him.

This must be her biggest compliment to dad ever. And I’m totally cool with that. 🙂

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