Confinement dos and don’ts

I just had my first session with Val from Nouri Face and Body Concepts, and found out that I’ve been doing so much confinement stuff wrongly.

Such as…

  • Drinking my red date tea at room temperature (no wonder I haven’t been feeling sweaty after drinking)
  • Adding tap water into my boiled herbal water for bathing (she said even a drop of unboiled water will render my entire pot of herbal water useless)
  • Taking tonics and “bu” too early as my body has a lot of wind still, so I should focus on removing wind before taking tonics (for optimal absorption)
  • Using the fan (she advised air-con is better as the air is stagnant and won’t enter the body)

Sigh. And I thought I was having it easy this round. Val said that if I don’t follow the rules, my entire package would go to waste. (I’m not making her out to be an authoritarian, but she really is serious about wanting me to have a successful confinement, to be stronger and regain my figure too!)

But not all is lost. I still have two weeks to get my act together, and make up for lost time.

Here are the dos and don’ts that I learnt today.


  • Use da feng cao boiled water and a micro-fibre cloth to bathe or wipe your body
  • Boil soups with rice wine and white peppercorn to expel wind from the body. (only when wind is expelled can you start taking tonics.)
  • Drink tea made with red and black dates in a 1:2 ratio. Must be drunk hot.
  • Use gloves if you need to do some washing so that you’re not in contact with cold water for prolonged periods.


  • Consume cold drinks or food (this will cause wind to enter the body and lead to water retention, weak joints, poor constitution)
  • Venture outdoors in cool or windy weather (if you must, cover up)
  • Consume anything that is not boiled and not warm
  • Eat bread (this may sound odd, but she said bread can cause wind)

Will be sharing more about my post-natal slimming treatment in my next post. Wish me well!

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