Little Lessons: Little things can mean so much

This week, I’m keeping it simple for little lessons. The truth is I’ve been busy…

Last week was the school term holidays and we spent one morning getting some exercise together. Daddy led the way with two scooting kids behind, and mama here was trying to balance taking photos with one hand while pushing Joshua in the pram with the other. (Well at least I managed to get this shot.)

keeping fit together

It took us more than 45 minutes to arrive at our destination. Hot and sweaty but all happy that we made it. Obviously JJ didn’t last the whole 45 minutes. His battery went flat after 30 minutes or so. But the daddy graciously helped him along, carrying both him and his scooter skate on his shoulder.

We went to the godparents’ place over the weekend as we intended to hold a garage sale over there. But due to unforeseen events, the sale was called off and we spent the time letting the kids dip in the pool instead. Also managed to have dinner by the pool which was great fun.

This week, I realised that I’m into my third last week of maternity leave and I nearly sunk into depression after that. Not that I dislike my job (my boss might be reading this btw), but I really couldn’t figure out where the 13 weeks had gone. But then I took a good long look at baby J and found the answer…

One very hunky baby

Fattening this baby up.

(Has anyone else noticed that they’ve changed the cutting of baby clothes to tight-fit?)

Apart from that loud reminder to cherish these last few weeks, I was also jolted back to earth when I saw big sister and little brother working on this activity book together.

brother and sister

It struck me there and then how much they’ve grown. Just the other day, we were down at the playground. As the duo played with Vera’s friends (all older than JJ), I saw how she made a special effort to guide JJ along and include him (even though it slowed her down). I was really quite proud of her for doing that. When we got home I told her how much her actions spoke of her love and concern for JJ. I think her little thoughtfulness made a big difference to her brother’s day.

So yes…it’s been more than 13 weeks since we became a family of five. Though the days are often noisy and teary, and nights ever so tiring, when I look back I see how our hearts have expanded and made space for one another, weaknesses and flaws and all. And I’m thankful.

This has turned out to be a multiple-lessons post, or the one in which I learn a few things about life and love, about taking last minute changes in stride, and about how little things can mean so much.

PS> I’ll be taking a break in April for Little Lessons, as I’ll need some time to adjust to the new work-from-home-while-caring-for-kids routine. Deep breath. Wish me well. Meanwhile, this linky will remain open for most of April. Plus, you can check out our previous posts here.

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Little Lessons: Sometimes kids fight over the silliest things

One night, after saying our prayers, JJ said his usual jubilant “AMEN” LOUDLY to the angst of his sister who has always expressed unhappiness over his noisy shouts of amen.

She was more upset than normal and ignored my usual “it’s okay, Vera, no need to get upset over this…”

So I had to bring her out from the room and explain to her that JJ enjoyed praying and expressing himself with a loud shout of praise and amen to God. It wasn’t that he was annoying her on purpose (though at the back of my mind I did wonder if there is that possibility too.)

I told her that we all express our love and joy in different ways, some through loud noises, some through softer words. None of us are wrong in preferring one way or another but we show love and respect by accepting and tolerating our differences.

I then reassured her that JJ loves her and that I do too. “We are unique and different but we love each other all the same.”

A hug and kiss later, she seemed much better. As we climbed back to bed, I thought about how she might have felt “unloved” because of how JJ  seemingly ignored her wishes.

All she seemed to need at that point was reassurance of love…and to know that it’s not true that behaving differently equals “unloving”.

I reckon this lesson will take many repeated reminders and experiences to really sink in, but I hope a small seed has been sown. And hopefully she’ll grow to appreciate the beauty of their differences one day.

Little kids can be rather rigid and insistent on their own ways at times. How can we teach them to be more accepting of differences? I learnt that it is a slow process, a process that begins with us communicating our love and acceptance of them, for who they are…

Do you have similar experiences too?

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