Joshua @ two months

Joshua has been growing well, and has started to interact more with us since when he was about 6 weeks old.

Every morning, and sometimes after his feeds, he will flash me a gummy grin, signalling to me he’s ready to play and “chit-chat.” This is when I’ll drop everything, and just gaze and coo at him, and wait for him to make his signature “ahh-grrr” sounds and/or grin in return.

When I change his diaper, he’d sometimes coo as he admires big sister’s works of art. It’s a cute sight and I try not to disturb him when he’s at it, just allowing him time to babble to the pictures. Curious, this little boy is.

big sister's artworks

He enjoys company, especially that of his siblings. Whenever they fawn over him or make a ruckus nearby, you can see his eyes widen and legs kick in excitement. (Of course, if he’s trying to sleep and they’re making noise like there’s no tomorrow, he will wail in anger.)

He naps in his rocker most of the time, as he likes the rocking motion and the cool breeze that usually passes through the living room. Since we hope that he’d get used to sleeping amidst noise, we think this is a good arrangement for now.

Though he loves his sleep, when it comes to those witching hours between 7-9pm, he still needs some help. Even breastfeeding won’t keep him down all of the time, and of late I’ve had to resort to the ergo to knock him out.

He sleeps like a starfish, hands and legs strewn wide open. To help him stay asleep, I usually wrap a diaper cloth around his legs (almost like a half swaddle) so he doesn’t wake up due to his startle reflex. Recently, I’ve started to sleep him on his tummy, making sure his head is turned to the side. He seems to sleep better this way, so I’ll continue to try this.

sleeping on the tummy

He enjoys going out in his pram, for walks in the park or for a trip to the mall.

Josh says Hi!

Being the third child, we’ve had to be a lot more flexible with his routine and timings. Generally he’s down for night-time sleep by 8.30pm, which works well for us as we can spend time with the older two before their bedtime.

He’s overall quite calm and contented as long as he gets his feeds and sleep. I’m grateful for this as it makes caring for him so much more enjoyable and stress-free.

Sometimes I worry if he’ll learn to sleep on his own (since I have been using the ergo on him once a night on most nights). But I guess we’ll take it as it comes. I think the biggest change in myself since number three came into the picture is that I’ve learnt not to sweat the small stuff. I’m a lot more relaxed now, and am able to let go of things like timings and schedules. (I confess, I used to be nazi when it came to such things…But I’ve mellowed.)

Our days with Josh have thus far been marked by grace, joy and peace. And I choose to be grateful today with what we have / how far we’ve come.

What are you thankful for this week?


Let me count the ways I love you

It’s been exactly 2 months since JJ arrived in our world! (Happy 2nd month, baby JJ!) Thus far, our days have been relatively peaceful, as in no world war between the siblings, and Vera hasn’t tried to stomp on her baby brother, or anything like that, thankfully. In fact, she’s dotes on her little brother quite a bit. Here are the Top 8 ways she loves her brother…

8  She doesn’t allow her uncles to carry him more than 2 metres away She likes to push him in his pram when we are out for walks

Gleefully pushing the pram

She pats (sayang) him when he cries

5  She orders mummy to feed him when he cries

4  She says ‘shhh, di-di sleeping’ when someone speaks loudly. (This rule of course doesn’t apply to her.)

3  She laughs whenever he farts or makes other funny sounds (and sometimes tries to interpret his message).

She comes into our room to hug him every morning and…


1  She allows him to watch her while she’s watching TV 🙂

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