Little Lessons: Slowing down and taking stock

Time flies. Two more days and we say hello to December.

Where did all that time go?

Four more weeks, and we’ll usher baby Joshua into this world. (It’s taking me all my wits to not work myself into a frenzy, and getting caught in the “things I need to do before I pop” mania.)

Some days, the little ones teach me to take life a little slower.

They who are always in their own worlds, exploring with their itsy bitsy fingers, figuring out new ways to play old things.

They who seem to constantly defy the demands of time.

They who are naturally curious.

The most beautiful, inspiring parts of childhood are best enjoyed in a leisurely manner. A walk in the garden is punctuated with stops and starts, “mummy look at this”, and curious pokes at leaves and twigs.

I hope I never rush them to grow up. (Although I must admit one of my most frequently-used phrases is “Quick, hurry up!”)

Having kids…actually force us to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.

Some of us lay our careers on the line; some of us sacrifice our desires for further study or personal development; some of us place our dreams on the backburner, hoping for that one day where we will get to rekindle them again.

Life is never quite the same after kids.

They teach me to schedule in play and down-time, ignore the ticking clock and burgeoning to-do lists, and learn to appreciate the wonder of even the mundane everyday things.

Mummy, that cloud looks like a rabbit with three ears!

How come that tree is so tall?

When will we be able to go to the moon? Do we need a ladder?

Often, we who are jaded and tired wish they would stop asking, stop wondering. Still despite myself, I learn to set my own worries aside when the kids ask me for a bedtime story.

At bedtime, I try to be present in those dark, quiet moments too, thanking God for the day we had, or just praying in my heart for the kids. (We can never do this enough, can we?)

When they’re finally asleep, I can ruffle their hair, take in their fuzzy kiddy smells, and then head out to the world again to tackle the tasks I have ahead.

Kids are funny like that. They have the ability to wear you out. They also have the ability to charge you up again.

They may slow you down in some aspects, but they also give you new hope and energy to build a stronger family and a better future.

“The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.” – unknown


In the spirit of slowing down and focusing on the things close to my heart, I will be doing a wrap up on Little Lessons for the year.

Tomorrow I will share 3 Little Lessons posts by other mums that spoke to me, plus 2 of my own.

Come first and second week December, I have a few giveaways in store. And for the rest of the month, I will be preparing both home and heart for baby’s homecoming. (I may still write about the things that inspire me this season or share some thoughts here and there.)

Most of all, it’s a time of Thanksgiving, and I wish to thank you guys for journeying with me, and showing your love and support.

A little thought came to me one day:

Though the journey of parenting may be full of challenges and change, it is above all a journey of love. When God “multiplies”, he also multiplies the love. When he gives the gift of a child, he also gives us the supernatural ability to love and nurture him.

And that’s a promise I’m clinging to this season. 🙂

This Christmas,

  • May you be able to focus on the things that matter, and be able to sift out the things that don’t.
  • May love and peace fill your heart and home.
  • May you find delight and satisfaction in all that you undertake.
  • May we do small things with great love.


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