The love of a father for his son

Some weeks back, my friend San asked me why despite having a category called “Bringing up girls“, I don’t have anything called “Bringing up boys”.

Good question.

I realised that I had been too busy straddling a job, marriage, two kids, and writing, that I really haven’t given it much thought. The fact that we have been given the great responsibility of bringing up a boy, a man-to-be, hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

So this post is somewhat a first attempt at thinking about this awesome responsibility.

I have high hopes for my boy. To be a God-fearing man, a man who values and respects women, a man who will lead by example, a man who will not buckle in the face of adversity because he knows and relies on the strength of our God.

A man who stays humble, and who never stops learning and re-learning.

I think his first glimpse of God will come largely through his experience with his earthy papa. So I’m ever glad for occasions like these…for the duo to spend some man-to-boy time, play a little rough, get dirty, and for him to soar on good ol’ dad’s shoulders first, before he learns to fly.

A boy learns about his own strength through his father. And whether to use it for love and building up, or for anger and strife.

If you’re also tasked with this amazing privilege of raising boys, here’s an article that you may like to bookmark somewhere for keeps: Raising Boys (A Dad’s Advice for Moms). (I particularly like his advice that we should think cavemen, watch his body, not his mouth, and hug whenever we’re in doubt.)

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