My view on The Sunday Times article ‘Love means saying sorry’

Today was a day of great duress.

I did a short interview with The Sunday Times a couple of days ago, and the article was published today. If you’ve read it already, you probably wondered why I said those things.

Well, I didn’t.

Here was my original answer, in full, to the question: Should parents say sorry to their children?

Saying sorry is a simple way of expressing our remorse when we make a mistake. An apology works to restore some sense of justice for the hurt that we may have caused the other party, and ease the tension in the relationship.

I think sometimes parents get a mental block when it comes to saying sorry to our children, because we tend to think that we as authority figures must not be seen as being weak or wrong. But the truth is, when we apologise for our failures and mistakes, we are sending an important message to our kids, and the message is: “It’s okay to make mistakes and it’s not the end of the world. What’s important is that we learn from it, and we do our best to make amends.”

Parents can and should set a good example for their children by saying sorry, and better still, showing that they are committed to not repeat the same mistake, and to do better next time.

If you’ve been reading my blog, or if you know me personally, you’d know that I do not find it hard to say sorry to my kids at all.

I’m not sure how the meaning of my answers got lost in translation. There were also key points that were left out, for example the fact that even though my own parents were not the type who would apologise to us, my godmother, who took care of me since I was very young, was.

Anyhow, this episode has made me realise that the same information can be viewed and treated differently by different people. And in this case, it was possibly at the expense of my own credibility as a parent, and as a family blogger.

To the friends who stood up and voiced their concerns to me over the article, thank you. I’m heartened that you could tell something was amiss.

Finally, I’m glad that I have this avenue to share my views. I think I shall just keep to blogging from now on…for a long, long while.

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