10 great travel games for children

Petite Travellers - 10 great travel games

June is a merry month for travels, and many of you are already in various stages of travelling – be it packing, planning or already on your way.

It gives me great delight to share with you a little collaborative travel blog project called Petite Travellers. It was born one day the way most great ideas are born – unexpectedly, out of the blue, but almost always in the presence of good company.

Petite Travellers (or P.T. as we fondly call it) is focused on delivering great travel experiences that are family-friendly and child-approved. It currently features family-friendly destinations and travel tips, but give us some time, and you’ll definitely see more exciting and helpful features.

Here’s my first contribution – 10 great travel games for stress-free holidays. These games are nifty for little hands, easy to carry around, and pretty accessible in terms of purchasing. Do hop over to check them out!

PS. It would absolutely make our day if you were to leave a comment and let us know what you think of the site, or even what you’d like to see in future. Do also visit Petite Travellers’ Facebook Page and like us for more updates!

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