A quiet brunch at La Ristrettos

I decided to have a quiet brunch on my own at La Ristrettos last week, after a visit to my gynae. Hidden on the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre, I was almost surprised to find it when I was looking around at all the medical-looking suites and entrances. Even the directory at the lift didn’t list the cafe.

I sat outside as they happened to be having a private event. Thankfully it was pleasantly cool that morning.

My mushroom fritatta made me smile.

Yummy fritatta

I was having a thankful kind of morning.

All was well with baby’s development, and my gynae also gave me the assurance that my placenta had moved up (initially it was low-lying).


So the delicious breakfast, ooh and coffee, set amidst greenery and solitude, aptly added to my mood.


In between devouring delicious morsels of mushroom, egg, tomato, and spinach, on buttered bread, I read Why Your Children Love You and took mental notes.

La Ristrettos, I’m adding you to my list of favourite cafes. You’re perfect for a weekend brunch. Or a quiet weekday breakfast and coffee retreat.

Yum is the word.

Happy weekend, folks!

Loving ideas for your weekend

It’s the weekend, and I hope you’re in the mood for love. If he’s been busy or stressed out at work, offer to give him a shoulder-rub, brew a pot of your favourite tea and relax over a movie.

If both of you haven’t had the time to sit down and chat, schedule time to do so. Ask him questions: “How are you feeling?” or “How I can love you better?” Or try writing a love letter for him, especially if his love language is words of encouragement. (Even if it’s not, it’s okay. Write him a love letter anyway.)

If things have gotten a little tense in the home, head outdoors for a quiet walk and some fresh air. Let go of the negativity held inside you and fill the void with thoughts of love and hope.

Find a bench or sit by a tree, lean on each other and soak in nature and its peaceful offerings.

Listen to his dreams. Let him in on yours.

Re-discover what first attracted you to him, and him to you. Share these nuggets with each other and giggle if you need to.

Be silly. Do silly things. Be like fools in love.

I hope you make each other your priority this weekend. For once…the kids can wait. For you guys, it’s worth it.


A wonderful weekend awaits

I was looking forward to a wonderful weekend, so it’s a pity I’m kinda stuck indoors because of an imminent flu. But don’t let me stop you. Go, fly with the wind, bring the kids out and have a ball. It’s the weekend!

As I type, the kids are out at the corridor, chasing bubbles and each other. I should join them soon. Meanwhile, here’s a recap of June. June has been a joyful month, a birthday month (for me), and a funny month. JJ turned 13 months in June, and his cheeky playful self has started to manifest more fully.

He loves the playgrounds, or actually wait, anywhere where he can let loose and run and tumble about. His sister loves to jump on one of these trampoline things, while the poor fella wonders what’s going on.

Here they are, our lovey dovey duo. I love to watch them grow, and admire how the big sister adores and cares for baby bro!

Vera loves to play too, by dancing to music. I like these pics of her, they remind me of Lady Gaga.

We’ve also been painting the house red.

I decided to strip baby boy down to his diapers, so it’s easier to just dump him into the bath when he’s done. Here’s our topless painter.

Isn’t it easier when we simplify things? Strip things to the bare bottom? Until what’s left has got to be the most essential thing? I think staying home puts me in a philosophical mood. I better get out to join them now.

Enjoy the weekend!

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