Review of Human Nature: Who said organic and affordable can never go together?

I recently stumbled upon Human Nature, a personal care and cosmetics brand that is natural, organic and 100% free from harmful chemicals.

I’ve been using the tangerine kids shampoo and body wash for the kids, and I just adore the smell of fresh orange on them after a good scrub and shower.

I’ve also been enjoying the strengthening shampoo for myself. It’s clinically proven to reduce hair fall and thicken the hair. I’ve been using it for the past 4 weeks and have already noticed less hair in the sink.

The only “complaint” that I have is that the lather is noticeably less than normal shampoos, but thinking about having less chemicals on my head each day makes that a very small issue.

Here are three things I love about Human Nature’s products:

1) They are natural

2) They are affordable – I was surprised to find that the shampoos cost only $6.90 for a 200ml bottle and $13.90 for a 500ml bottle. And all this despite using similar ingredients as other higher priced brands.

3) Most of all, I love that they that exist to help the very same communities that serve its business needs. This is how they explained it on their website:

“…we chose to greatly reduce the usual profit margins and be affordable so all can use products that are good for them and the environment. Only when millions use products free from harmful chemicals can we truly make a difference in our environment and in the lives of Filipino farming communities.”

Pretty inspiring huh?


If you’d like to know more about the person who brought this line of products to Singapore, hop over and read Christine’s story.

To enjoy 10% off all products, just enter my promo code “MWPS10”.

Good things are meant to be shared! Happy shopping! 😉

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  1. Carol says

    Tks for sharing the code. Ordered a whole bunch of stuff to try! I love organic toiletries and skincare products for myself and my family.

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