A date with dinosaurs at ArtScience Museum

For the first time ever, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands introduces Dinosnores, A sleepover with Dinos.

We were invited to a media preview of Dinosnores, and decided that daddy would bring Vera on a special daddy date!

Here’s how the programme went.

7pm Interactive guided tour

dinosaurs from dawn to extinction

dinosnores engaging workshops for kids





dinosnores 3 theories of extinction

The guided tour was helpful as the guides provided insight into the many dinosaur fossil exhibits as well as the three main theories of how all the dinosaurs became extinct.
7.45pm Dinner

fried rice for dinner

8.15pm Workshop: stop motion / time lapse video

dinosnores stop motion workshop

dinosnores doodle

Here, kids were guided on how to make a time lapse video using an iPod. Vera was curious at first but she got distracted halfway and decided to doodle instead.

She drew a picture of an unhappy looking man in front of three lava and ash-spewing volcanoes. And what looked like dinosaur footprints in the ground. It’s interesting that she drew her own interpretation of what she learnt during the guided tour, i.e., that the dinosaurs could have been exterminated by volcanic activity. But instead of drawing a dino, she used a person to symbolise the unhappiness and danger that a volcano can bring. This tells me that she was listening to the guide during the tour. 🙂

9.15pm Prepare sleeping area

dinosnores sleepover

Hmm, centuries old dino bones make for a pretty dramatic bedside companion.

As Vera usually sleeps pretty early, the duo missed the Night at the museum film screening. Here they are on the foldable bed daddy brought along.

9.45pm Film screening: Night at the museum

Midnight: Lights out

Next day…

7.30am Breakfast & Workshop: Shadow puppets alive!


An ostrich shadow puppet

8.30am Workshop: A day in the life of a paleontologist

a day in the life of a paleontologist

9.15am Free and easy, photo op

Photo memento

10am Home, sweet, home

So…what’s the verdict?

Daddy gives it the two thumbs up for fun and novelty. As for comfort, he gives it one thumb. (Partially because the foldable bed he brought for himself and Vera was a bit squeezy for two.)

Tickets for Dinosnores are still available for this Friday the 21st! It costs $120 per child (only for children aged 6 to 12 years), and accompanying adults get to go for free. (Maximum four children per adult. The number of adults must not exceed the number of children per booking.) To book, please call +65 6688 8826 or visit any Marina Bay Sands box office.

If you do make it, remember to bring along:
1) A thick jacket as it can get quite cold at night.
2) An inflatable mattress (if you have one).

All in all, snoozing with the dinos makes a memorable date night adventure with dad! PS. Plus it does mean that mummy gets the whole bed to herself for one night…well almost, if not for baby josh. 😉

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    • mamawearpapashirt says

      It was fun! She was pretty much unfazed by the big dinos. Maybe let Sophie view pictures first and then see if she’s comfortable? I reckon she should be as long as you and the daddy are nearby!

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