You are my sunshine

Dear JJ,

You are 2 years and 8 months old. You started school this year without much fuss. It helps that you’ve been looking forward to being in the same school as Vera.

You are still headstrong and sometimes downright unreasonable. You want your way all the time, except for those times when jie-jie is able to win you over with her funny logic of hers. Or those times when we’ve had to scold or spank you to teach you how to obey authority.

Sometimes, you try to distract us (and get yourself out of trouble) by singing or saying silly things. Such as this song that you guys have mauled:

You are my sunshine
My only shame shame (Pause for crazy laughter. Erm the song usually ends here…)
You make me happy
When skies are grey

You are eating well and growing fast. Most of your pants now reach your mid-calf instead of ankles.

You are the silent observer when there are many kids at the playground. You turn suddenly cautious and quiet, preferring to play by yourself in the corner, or to scooter skate.

Speaking of the wheels, you took to the scooter skate like fish to water. You were able to zip about in glee and confidence within just minutes of trying.

Talk about speed. Your tantrums are like flash storms. They come and go as quickly as lightning. We try to catch you by the horns before you turn full force, but sometimes you are too quick. Other times, we get mad and have a meltdown along with you. I can’t wait till this phase dissipates into a more cooperative one because the tension doesn’t help especially when we now have baby Joshua to care for too.

But I know we have to sit it out, pray it out, and learn to work better with you. To teach you how to control your emotions. To love you even when it’s not easy to love.

Despite the tantrums.
Despite the rainy days.
Despite the way you like to barge in my room at the exact moment that I’m trying to put Joshua to bed…

I still love you. And you will still be my sunshine, my dearest little boy.

my sunshine boy

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