Dear baby J,

I know I often grumble when I have to carry and rock you before bed, but as I see you peacefully curled up in my arms, I’m painfully aware that these moments are ever so fleeting.

Soon, you will be a tottering toddler, getting your hands and legs into every unsuspecting thing lying around in the house. By then, I may have no choice but to restrain you with my bare hands and feet just to stop you from bulldozing the house down.

Soon, I will be watching you head off to school in a schoolbus. And I will be waving goodbye till the bus turns into the main street and I can see you no more. By then you will be big and independent, but I’m hoping that you will respond as I give you a big how’s-your-day hug when you get home each day.

(I know it’s not a manly thing to be seen doing but still…)

Soon, you will be a roaring teenager with equally loud hormones, and it will be too uncool (absolutely lame?) to be caught in your mama’s arms then. I promise to reserve them only for the rainy days.

Soon, you will settle down with a wife. And I will wait in all eagerness for you guys to make a baby. Maybe then these arms will come in handy once again. (As a grandparent, I am licensed to pamper your children more than I ever did you and Vera, no?)

Soon…this mama will grow old and white, wrinkled and forgetful. In my wintry-grey days, will you be so kind as to lend a loving arm for me to lean on when my own bones threaten to give way?


(But for now, I shall stop complaining about having to carry and rock you so much, and about how sticky you are to me. Just thinking about the not-so-distant future does help me to see things in a different perspective.)

Love, mummy

The end of tyrannosaurus twos

Vera is nearing the end of the tyrannosaurus twos, a.k.a. terrible twos.

There might be two questions running through your mind right now.

Why the T-rex? Well, Vera’s behavior over the past year or so resembled this prehistoric creature’s. The tantrums, the mood swings, and the permanent PMS. Like the T-rex, she was trouble on two legs.

So, why ‘the end’? Well, she’s been an absolute darling for the past month or so. She’s been helpful – ever eager to fetch her little brother’s diaper and clothes. She’s been generous – sharing her sweets and snacks with others like a little santa. She’s …*gasp* growing up!

I’m not saying zero tantrums or zilch difficult behavior – but it’s a far cry from whence we came. From the days of shrieking and yelling and banging and wailing. From the days when two letters ‘N’ and ‘O’ would lead to a meltdown. From the days when we needed our daily cane (a spatula).

Today, she is …

Little Miss Helpful

vera laundry

Little Miss Cheeky

Little Miss Drama Queen

Yes that is a crown made out of a Barney float. Long live Queen Barney.

vera barney hat

Little Miss Teacher

Maybe this is why she adores her baby brother. He’s the only one who will hang around long enough to listen to her telling stories.

reading to j

It could be that she’s learnt to negotiate for what she wants, and learnt to accept our reasoning as to why she can’t have everything she asks for. It could be that she’s better at delaying gratification at this age and stage. It could be that we have also been more obliging and more giving to her (rubbed off by her pleasantness).

Or it could just be God shining his face upon our little family. 🙂

No matter what brought about the demise of the T-rex, I’m one thankful mummy. (And I must say there’s no better feeling than seeing her so protective and loving towards her brother, and witnessing their sibling love take root.)

Baby…you’ve come a long way.

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