Thoughts of a 15-month-old baby boy

Dear mumma,

I turned 15 months yesterday! Whoopee!

I know you always complain that I’m growing up too quickly, but you should be happy that I’m a big boy now! Soon, I’ll be able to yak and question everything that you do (like jie-jie), and eat everything you eat, and climb a tree and throw spiders at little girls, and erm, I just can’t wait!

My favourite words are “yah-weh” (when I’m looking for something), “mulk” and “mum mum”. I know you would like me to call you “mama” more often, but it depends on whether I’m in the mood, y’know what I mean? 😉

I love the outdoors and digging in the dirt or sand or anything yucky that I can get my hands on without you stopping me. I love to play with leaves and twigs too; they make funny crunchy noises when I step on them. Oh, I love splashing in the water too. Oh, can we go swimming today? I promise not to do a poop in my swimsuit again…(It was an act-ci-dent!)

I’m a toughie on the outside, and I struggle with you quite a bit when I’m cranky. But don’t get too mad at me okay, it’s just part and parcel of my growing up. There are some really big changes going on inside of me, and I’m also trying to cope! Whenever you’re calm and patient with me, you help me grow stronger each day. I know some days it can be really frustrating (by the way I think you look quite funny when your face turns red and smoke comes out of your ears), but after a meltdown, I forgive and forget pretty quickly. I’m sure you do too right?

Thanks for giving me mama’s milk for so long. It must be quite a pain to do your milk-presso in the office. Well, I think I’m big enough now. I’ve started to reject your breastmilk but don’t take it personally okay? It’s just that I prefer the bottle now. I still love you very much, you know that right?

Since we’re talking about milk, why must I change from the bottle to a sippy cup? I don’t get it! I still want my bottle! I’m not comfortable when you ask me to change something just overnight! I need some time. Try again next month or something…don’t give up on me okay?

I love you, papa, and jie-jie very much, especially when you whip up yummy stuff for me to eat! (Mmm, speaking of which, I’m hungry. What’s for lunch, mama?)

Love, JJ

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