Little Lessons: Never underestimate a child’s ability to love

Occasionally, my little girl astounds me.

This is one incident where I’m left deeply humbled.

There are tantrums, and there are tantrums. JJ was having one of the latter and I was at the end of my rope. I felt like screaming. Instead, I walked away, feeling helpless and exasperated. I looked at Vera, and thought she might be able to help her little brother, so I asked her to go and talk to him.

She went. She sat. She said some words. She gave him his water bottle and asked him to stop crying.

The words she spoke probably echoed some of mine, uttered over the past two years.

Her actions, like handing him his bottle, reminded me of my own.

But her heart, was different.

Where I had been harsh, she was gentle.

Where I had been frustrated, she was calm.

She told her little brother, “It’s okay, stop crying. Listen to mummy huh…” In a sweet, sing-song voice.

I was stooping beside her, facing him. Him in his orange calm-down chair. Him with the red face, the heaving shoulders, the loud sobs.

I could see, all of a sudden. The frustration with dealing with a temperamental child often cripples my ability to love, despite my best attempts to do so.

But Vera carries no such frustration. She is free from baggage. I simply asked her to help. And she did, in a way that she knows how.

My girl (who’s really an angel in disguise) humbles me. She teaches me how to love, better, purer, with each ordinary day.

She shows me how kind-hearted love ought to be.

My friend once told me that God gave us children so we can grow to become better people. I see that clearly now…
children teach us what life is about

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Weathering waves


This picture was taken during our Bali trip. The hubby was in a philosophical mood.

As we were strolling away from the rocks, he said to me something like this:

The waves keep coming in and crashing against those rocks.

Sometimes we are at the high point of the wave, riding it, and sometimes at its lows. But whatever it is that tries to knock us down, we can stand up again.

And God also uses these waves to smoothen our rough edges, to shape and mould us.

Me: Yup, and we are now at the low point…

Him: But things will get better. We just have to trust.


The hubby isn’t always in such a reflective mode. I’m usually the one (I think). But recent challenges in our lives have probably prompted him to dig deeper than usual.

Not that I’m masochistic, but in some ways I’m thankful for the small trials in life. They don’t knock you over, or shake you to the point of defeat. But they do shake you enough, out of your complacency or comfort zone, pushing you to grow in ways that you normally wouldn’t.

Someone recently shared this quote with me, and I thought it was pretty insightful.

“It’s in times of crisis that we see who Christ is.”

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