On what Advent really means

What is the significance of Advent?

To be honest, even after some 15-odd years of Christian-hood, I’ve never thought much about the season of Advent. Until we moved to an Anglican church, we barely knew about its existence! (The Anglicans are known to hold some traditions dearly, and Advent is one such big tradition.)

According to Google, Advent is:

  1. the arrival of a notable person or thing.
  2. the first season of the Church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.

A notable person – that would be Jesus…

My church bulletin reads, “Advent has been observed for centuries as a time to contemplate the birth of Jesus. Kicking off the Christian year, it is a time for us to go back and enter again into that point in history before the first Christmas, to reflect on the first coming of the Messiah, Saviour, and King.”

Reflect. Contemplate. Prepare.

I don’t know about you, but amidst the humdrum of activities, shopping, parties, and general feasting, I often forget. I prepare the house, the tree, the food, the presents. But somewhere along the way, Jesus gets left behind. My heart gets left behind.


nativityIn order to help myself remember Jesus and the message of love and hope He brings, I’ve thought of some simple things we can do as a family:

  1. Ask God for a fresh vision and appreciation of the nativity story
  2. Think about ways to respond to Him in light of His love
  3. Think about ways to show appreciation to those who have invested in your life
  4. Talk to your kids about why and how you are planning to show gratitude to these special people
  5. Count your blessings
  6. Think about those from whom you may need to seek forgiveness, or a relationship that may need mending. Call that person or write a little note if that’s easier for you.


** For more ideas on how to make Christmas more meaningful, do read A Juggling Mom’s post on random acts of kindness.

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I hope you have a good time remembering the reason behind this season with your loved ones!

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