Have you said “i love you” today?

“i love you” is a beautiful book about love. It contains simple words that little minds can comprehend, and yet they speak at a depth that adults will also enjoy.

What a blessing it is to find someone
whom you can call a friend.
Someone who can ride with you round and round
through your ups and downs.

i love you book

Love goes the distance
and makes life beautiful
but loving someone
can be hard to do.

Loving another takes courage
to make yourself vulnerable.

The words are simple but truthful. They speak of love, hope, disappointment, and hope again. Because of their poetic quality…they stick to you.


The kids love the book. Vera has started to quote her favourite phrases from it. And JJ…Well, I’m still not sure how he managed to read the book upside-down!

I recently had the privilege of catching up with the author of “i love you”. Tam Wai Jia is a vigorous wordsmith and talented illustrator. At the age of 19, she published her first book Kitesongwhich helped to raise more than $110,000 to build a home for needy children in Nepal. She wrote her second book A Taste of Rainbow after suffering, and overcoming, depression and anorexia. Through this book, she aims to encourage young girls to have a healthy self-esteem.

“i love you” was inspired by a true love story. Wai Jia has always been quite the cynic when it came to love…Until she met a hopeless romantic called Cliff. Theirs is an amazing love story involving risk, courage, leaps of faith, and erm well all the stuff that love stories are made of…It all started began when he chanced upon her blog…and and, oh it wouldn’t do for me to summarise it all here, so it’s best you watch their wedding video.

The couple share a big and bold dream – to stop child trafficking, and bring hope and healing to the lives of hurting families and children. Together, Cliff and Wai Jia hope to inspire youth to dream big, and share their joy of marriage to inspire couples and families to love one another more deeply.

I hope you will believe in their dreams too. Do support her book to help raise funds and awareness for ministries that help trafficked, abused and underprivileged children.

For multiple copies of the books, contact the couple at cliffnwaijia@gmail.com for more information. If you have a cafe, a store, or a little place where you’d like to sell these books for a cause, Cliff and Wai Jia would love to hear from you!

In the author’s own words,

Love is a risk we take, an act of faith.
Have you said “i love you” today?

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  1. says

    Hey June, I have “A taste of Rainbow” – a beautiful illustrated and meaningful book. Thanks for sharing this. I will check out her other books! 🙂

  2. Ing says

    Hi June, thanks for sharing. I clicked on those links and visited their site. Was very inspired by what they’re doing in the mission field and helping kids. Reading Wai Jia’s blog has touched me in a very special way. Thank you… 🙂

    • mamawearpapashirt says

      Thanks for your support and kind words, Zee. I’m sure Wai Jia will be delighted to hear all your feedback. Blessed CNY and have a lovely time with family and friends! 🙂

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