Creating memories and family traditions – The Thanksgiving Tree

We haven’t had a Christmas tree in the house since Vera was born. We toyed with the idea of getting one this year, but decided to wait it out. So, Vera and I put our hands together to do up this cork board Christmas tree, which doubles up as a thanksgiving tree!

Here’s what we used:

  • green coloured paper (plus a different colour for the trunk)
  • tall cork board (we got ours from IKEA)
  • washi tape with festive coloured polka dots
  • multi-coloured butterfly card paper (to write the items of our thanksgiving)

As you may be able to tell from the photo above, we used two A4-sized green sheets to cover the widest part of the tree. We cut out rough triangles to make the slant. Tip: you can re-use some of these triangles for the upper sections of the tree. At the very top, I re-used two triangles.

Stick the paper edges down with washi tape. You can secure the overlapping pieces with some double-sided tape. I cut out some squares of the washi tape and made them into rough circles. Vera enjoyed pasting these all over the tree!

But we’re not done yet…

For the “finishing touch”, I got Vera to pick a few colours of the butterfly cards. I wrote down an item that we wanted to give thanks for. (I asked Vera and she wanted to give thanks for the Christmas tree, hehe!) Well, we finally decided to write LOVE as the first item, and we stuck it down together.

Love. A very apt thanksgiving item for Day One.

We’ve got 6 butterflies to go, so this activity will last us one week. Each day, we will share an item of thanksgiving and write it on one butterfly card! A simple way to remember to give thanks, don’t you think? 😉

By the way, Focus on the Family has got a special treat for you. Just hop over to their facebook page and post a pic of a family tradition you practise in your home – it could be hanging up Christmas tree decorations together, gift exchange, a weekly movie night, practically anything you love doing as a family! The winner will walk away with a family photo shoot worth $450 by d’ZIGN FOR YOU! Go on, give it a shot, and I hope you win!

Focus on the Family

Let the Christmas decorations begin!

It’s a yearly tradition in our home to put up some Christmas decor around the house. We don’t usually make a huge deal out of it, and we try to keep it simple, easy, and fuss-free.

Here is the daddy tying up silver balls to the curtain railing, with curling ribbon. Men are usually better at these things…(Okay, in our house anyway!)

Of course, little boy wants to lend a hand too! Especially by helping to fish out these pretty shiny balls. We got him to be the ball-passer to daddy, and he did a pretty good job doing that!

Here is what we did to the entrance of our study-cum-play area. Similar to the balcony but with assorted decorative items like bells, stars and angels.

Personally, I think the silver beads make the place look a little too elegant, but still, it does add a festive touch to our home. Plus, the kids like to reach out and try to make a grab for the beads.

We are almost ready for Christmas – a most wonderful time of the year! I can’t believe that it’s just two weeks away!

Have you decorated your home too? 🙂

My Christmas wish list

All I want for Christmas is:

  1. For the two wisdom teeth on my left side to miraculously disappear without me having to go through a traumatic (and costly) surgery to cut them out. (Okay, maybe not disappear, but at least shrink would you?)
  2. A quiet and peaceful night with my husband all to myself. (No little arms or legs attached to either of us.)
  3. A fun and feast-ful night with good friends and family.
  4. Extra extra patience for me when I deal with the kids (i.e., less I’m-going-crazy moments).
  5. For the nagging pain in my right thumb to go away. Not to come again another day.
  6. For my brother’s family to experience reconciliation.
  7. For our parents and my godma to enjoy good health and great cheer this coming year. (I know I don’t say it enough, but I’m ever thankful for your love and care for the kids.)
  8. Extra extra portions of strength, health and happiness to be with my dear friends who are in varying stages of pregnancy journey or who have just popped. (I’m so excited for all of you!)
  9. Time and space for me to write, dream, love, write, dream, love. In that order.
  10. Love, peace and joy for YOU, my dear reader and friend.

As you can see, there’s nothing on this list that money can buy. These are truly priceless. 🙂

What’s your Christmas wish?

Let’s go see what everyone else is wishing for over at The Good Life! 

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