11.1.11 – A new beginning

It’s 11.1.11. What an eventful date to start a new blog. A new life. A new pen.

Mamawearpapashirt was inspired by my 2 y.o. toddler, who one morning shouted those words in glee, as she saw…yes, her mama wearing her papa’s shirt. How the fact amused her, I can only guess. I was only wearing papa’s shirt because I could hardly fit into my own, my being 5 months pregnant with no.2.

The phrase has since become one of her favourites, and also ours. We still find ourselves sniggering whenever we repeat it…well, every so often.

To me, it also stands as a nice symbol of how women today wear so many shirts, each representing a different role. This blog serves to document the joys and pains, trials and triumphs of a young working mum who loves to write.

And then there was…a mummy’s blog.

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