Let me count the ways I love you

It’s been exactly 2 months since JJ arrived in our world! (Happy 2nd month, baby JJ!) Thus far, our days have been relatively peaceful, as in no world war between the siblings, and Vera hasn’t tried to stomp on her baby brother, or anything like that, thankfully. In fact, she’s dotes on her little brother quite a bit. Here are the Top 8 ways she loves her brother…

8  She doesn’t allow her uncles to carry him more than 2 metres away She likes to push him in his pram when we are out for walks

Gleefully pushing the pram

She pats (sayang) him when he cries

5  She orders mummy to feed him when he cries

4  She says ‘shhh, di-di sleeping’ when someone speaks loudly. (This rule of course doesn’t apply to her.)

3  She laughs whenever he farts or makes other funny sounds (and sometimes tries to interpret his message).

She comes into our room to hug him every morning and…


1  She allows him to watch her while she’s watching TV 🙂

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